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Robbie Pryce Haulage Ltd Testimonial

“I have purchased 3 Trucks now from Thomas Hardie and just taken delivery of the second and third. The level of detail that goes into the prep of the vehicles is second to none. Everything extra that was asked of was done immaculately. (more…)

20 Jun 2018

Looking to expand your fleet? We may just have the Volvo FH you’re looking for

It will come as no surprise to many of you that we love Volvo FH trucks. Their defining Forward-control High-entry cabs create an excellent driving position, a roomy interior and enough sleeper space to make them a home from home on long-distance overnight jobs, or even just for daytime trucking. (more…)

30 May 2018

Volvo FH4 trucks help your drivers be the best

As Volvo Trucks launch their Driver Challenge 2018 on the hunt for the world’s best driver of a Volvo truck, let’s take a look at some of the technologies built into the Volvo FH4 that allow drivers to be the best. (more…)

29 Mar 2018

Thomas Hardie’s Volvo FH4 demo truck exceeds expectations

In the summer of 2017, Thomas Hardie Used Trucks launched our Demo Trucks campaign, giving customers the chance to experience the version 4 Volvo FH trucks first-hand.

We know not everyone has a version 4 Volvo FH in their fleet, but with our campaign, you can drive one for yourself and decide if it’s time to make the New Shape FH your next addition. (more…)

29 Nov 2017

50th Anniversary open day at Middlewich depot

Thomas Hardie Used Trucks were delighted to throw open the gates of our Middlewich depot on October 4th so that all of our friends, partners and customers could come down and join in the celebration of Volvo Trucks’ 50th anniversary supplying to the UK market. (more…)

05 Oct 2017

Used Demo Trucks campaign

Thomas Hardie Used Trucks has launched a Used Demo Trucks campaign and we cannot wait for you to get involved. (more…)

14 Jul 2017

Our customer’s creations at TRUCKFEST 2017

Here at Thomas Hardie Used Trucks we’re always excited to see our trucks on the road and customers showcasing their talents.

Simon, and his son Alfie, buy Volvo trucks from Thomas Hardie Used Trucks. What they do with them impressed Truckfest so much they were asked to exhibit some of their customizations this past event. (more…)

27 Jun 2017

Getting to know Ronnie Kelsall, our North-West Regional Sales Exec

Thomas Hardie customers in the north-west may already know Ronnie Kelsall well, our used vehicle regional sales executive who works with new and existing customers to find ways Thomas Hardie Used Trucks can help with sourcing and maintaining vehicles to the highest of standards. (more…)

09 May 2017

Thomas Hardie celebrate Volvo Used Truck Dealer Award

Thomas Hardie Used Trucks are celebrating a resounding success at the Volvo Dealer Kick Off Event in Birmingham recently, where we were delighted to be named winners of the Volvo Used Truck Dealer Award. (more…)

16 Mar 2017

Alan Hughes Thanked for 20 years of Dedicated Service at Sunhill Transport

To celebrate 20 years of consecutive service, Sunhill Transport owner Peter Jones presented Alan with stunning, top of the range FH16 750 Globetrotter XL tractor unit.


07 Feb 2017

Thomas Hardie Used Trucks are top of the class!

We have been featured in a Commercial Motor article!

Read the full article here

27 Jan 2017

Highlights of 2016 for Volvo Trucks and Thomas Hardie

The past year was an eventful one both for Volvo Trucks and for Thomas Hardie in particular, with plenty of excitement and achievement to look back on from 2016 as a whole.

Here are some of our personal highlights from a year that saw Volvo Trucks and Thomas Hardie both go from strength to strength.


20 Jan 2017

Introducing Our New Used Vehicle Regional Sales Executive, Ronnie!

Today we’re delighted to introduce our latest new starter, Used Vehicle Regional Sales Executive Ronnie Kelsall. Ronnie joins us from his previous role as sales executive from our aftermarket department at Thomas Hardie Commercials.


29 Nov 2016

Volvo: Setting Safety (and Seatbelt!) Standards Since 1959


Introducing the new Volvo FH

In 2012, Volvo launched a completely new model of their long-serving and immensely popular heavy-duty truck… The Volvo FH.

The new Volvo FH was not just an updated version of the old one – it was a completely new truck. To ensure that the new model would live up to its predecessor (and then some) this truck was subjected to a huge range of grueling quality tests, to guarantee it would live up to Volvo’s notoriously high standards. These mainly focused on the truck’s reliability, durability, fuel consumption and of course… safety. (more…)

22 Nov 2016

Don’t Miss: The Winner of the Volvo Trucks Drivers’ Fuel Challenge!

Volvo’s Fuel Challenge puts truckers to the test!

This month saw a few of the world’s most frugal truck drivers gather at Volvo Trucks’ test track in Gothenburg, Sweden, in honour of Volvo’s annual Drivers’ Fuel Challenge. 28 finalists from all over the globe were in attendance to compete for the title of ‘World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Driver’.

The thrifty competition consists of a Volvo FH, a 6.9km-long track and as little fuel as possible. This year, the race also included a twist… Any drivers that managed to complete the course with any time to spare were awarded extra points. Speedy and spending less on fuel… What’s not to love? (more…)

20 Oct 2016

You Heard It Here First! We Say Hello to Even More New Stock!


Stunning new stock has just arrived!

Yes, that’s right, and you heard it here first. We’ve recently said hello to a new range of beautiful, clean trucks that sure to catch your eye. These fine trucks are ex-major-UK-supermarket-fleet, so we can confirm their superior quality. Each of these trucks has also been fully maintained by Volvo from new, so the performance, safety and reliability of the Swedish marque are guaranteed. (more…)

17 Oct 2016

Will Volvo’s 2400bhp Iron Knight Break the World Speed Record?

We dub thee The Iron Knight

Tractor units and world speed records don’t often go hand in hand… But once again the folks at Volvo have defied convention with their latest experimental truck, The Iron Knight.

Volvo’s team of like-minded, speed-loving lunatics has come together to develop and build a 2400bph truck that is set to, well, set a world speed record. The powertrain is based on the same unit that sits in a road-going Volvo FH, but the engine has been pushed to its limits to produce maximum power.


23 Aug 2016

What’s Red and White and Just Rolled in at Thomas Hardie Used Trucks?

Why, it’s our NEW STOCK of course!

The mercury’s rising and things are heating up here at Thomas Hardie Used Trucks. We’ve got new stock arriving daily, so today we’re telling you all about what’s turned up!


25 Jul 2016

Top Ten Fuel Saving Tips for Trucks!


Did you know that fuel accounts for around 30% of a fleet’s total operating costs?

With prices at the pumps slowly creeping back up, it makes for good business to try and minimise your fuel bills as much as you possibly can.

Haulage companies tend to look at a variety of options when it comes to curbing fuel costs — including everything from deploying hybrid-powered vehicles to implementing fleet management software. But one strategy is basically free to implement; and will have a significant impact on the fleet’s total fuel use. This fantastic fuel-saving strategy? Better driving habits!

Here are a few tips for drivers that will reduce fuel consumption and cut costs.


21 Jun 2016

Volvo Trucks Fuel Focus Reduces Driving Costs Yet Again


Volvo Trucks Cut Fuel Costs by 5%

Once again we’re lauding Volvo Trucks, as the brand launches improvements on a number of its ranges, including the FM, FMX, FH and FH16 models range. The Swedish marque has made aerodynamic adjustments to increase fuel efficiency, reporting reductions in fuel costs of up to 5 per cent.

For any haulier with a heavy workload, fuel costs are a key issue. To tackle this, Volvo Trucks invests millions into its dedicated ‘Fuel Focus’. During product development, engineers are specially trained to identify potential areas for improvement – the latest of which have now been introduced to these updated engines. Each complies with the Euro-6 Step C regulation and aerodynamic optimisations have been made on the Volvo FH cab, with some weight optimisations on the chassis.


21 Jun 2016

Volvo’s Latest Concept Truck Cuts Fuel Consumption by 30%

Make way for the latest Volvo concept truck!

They’ve only gone and done it again. Exciting new details about the latest Volvo concept truck have landed and, in true Swedish style, the group hasn’t failed to disappoint.

The newly developed concept for the heavy-duty vehicle has been created with support from the Swedish Energy Agency. It’s key selling point? The promise of 30% savings in fuel consumption. One of the key factors behind the enhanced fuel economy is the massive 40% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency. (more…)

06 Jun 2016

Volvo Truck Warranties: Which is Right for You?

Choosing from our Volvo truck warranties

When it comes to used trucks, it pays to get to know your warranty options. But what is it that determines which warranty is right for you? The answer isn’t the same for every vehicle – so to help you, we’ve come up with some easy-to-remember questions. When considering which of the Volvo truck warranties will suit your needs, ask yourself the following… (more…)

31 May 2016

Volvo Safety Cabs Save Lives! FH Tractor Unit Driver Has Lucky

One lucky trucker says thanks to his FH tractor unit


Back in March, truck driver Paul Cooling from J. Medler Haulage of Norwich, would have breathed a large sigh of relief – as he was lucky enough to escape a horrific road accident with just minor cuts and bruises. Thankfully, Paul was driving a Volvo FH tractor unit – and he’s attributing his well-being to the robust design and safety features that Volvo is famed for.

26 May 2016

We’re Fundraising for the Fan Dance Summer Edition!

The Fan Dance – not as fun as it sounds!

In just a few short weeks, three brave members of the team here at Thomas Hardie Used Trucks team will be taking on their next big challenge… The (deceptively fun-sounding) Fan Dance Summer Edition!


The gruelling 24km race rises over the punishing peaks of the highest mountain in the Brecon Beacons, Pen Y Fan. We’ll be battling the elements on this lung-busting route, facing shockingly steep inclines, loose stone trails and a dense, forested vehicle track. And that’s not all – as we’ll be loaded down with 35lb kit bags!


24 May 2016