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Has Top Gear for Used Trucks Finally Arrived?

Truckers, the time has come! Commercial Motor magazine recently put a used Volvo FH13 through its paces, in a series of stringent tests for a seriously thorough review. In the ultimate in-depth examination of a second-hand Volvo truck, could this be the birth of Top Gear for used Volvo trucks? Today we take a look at what Commercial Motor thought of this used FH13 and their verdict on buying a preowned truck. The question is, will we agree?

Firstly, it seems the lads over at CM were pretty impressed with the near-new quality that this particular used Volvo 460 arrived in. At about 18 months old, they questioned the authenticity of the shiny 63-plate, gobsmacked that a truck of this age could be in such good condition. That’s the first thing about a good, used Volvo truck – visually, you could never even tell. Tender loving care is always taken to restore used trucks to their gleaming former glory, masking a short life of long-haul behind a shining new façade.

Classifications to impress in included a huge range of important areas, from ease of access to the cab, to performance, noise, storage, fuel economy and ride comfort. The used 460 that was tested scored above average on all categories, achieving an overall rating of 78% from Commercial Motor mag. They stated that 50% was industry-standard, so this particular truck was an over-achiever. It’s nice to see such a detailed analysis of a used Volvo truck – any true trucker knows that a fantastically refined engine is wasted when let down by an uncomfortable or noisy cab.

The lads over at CM deliver a pretty glowing review of the FH13 (“Stick a private plate on this truck and no one will know it isn’t new” – does it get any better for a used vehicle?) but also, quite fairly, point out what you do miss out on when buying a used truck. The ability to customise your vehicle is something many potential buyers assume only comes with buying brand new.

However, this isn’t the case. If you are indeed after something specific, this can be easily arranged through your used-Volvo truck dealer. Cab and engine spec, and even transmission software can all be taken into account when shopping for your ideal used truck. Here at Thomas Hardie Used Trucks, if we haven’t got what you want in stock we can source it for you.

So really, the whopping financial difference between ordering a new truck and purchasing a used one is nothing but a hefty fee for box ticking. Yes, it might be an indulgent luxury to tick all those boxes on that nine-page order form, but as the boys point out, it’s a luxury that comes with a substantial price-tag.

This detailed review of the FH13 460 is a breath of fresh air for used-Volvo-truck dealers such as ourselves. It’s honest, in depth and fair – and for those of you looking to buy a used Volvo truck, it’s a fantastic resource. We currently have several of the FH13s – with similar spec to the one tested by Commercial Motors – in stock, so if you’re looking to buy, drop us a line. We’re sure this won’t be the last review, and until Top Gear for used trucks actually comes to telly, the team here at Thomas Hardie will be patiently waiting for the next one.

Download the full review here Commercial Motors FH13 460 Review

22 Oct 2015

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