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Volvo Safety Cabs Save Lives! FH Tractor Unit Driver Has Lucky

One lucky trucker says thanks to his FH tractor unit


Back in March, truck driver Paul Cooling from J. Medler Haulage of Norwich, would have breathed a large sigh of relief – as he was lucky enough to escape a horrific road accident with just minor cuts and bruises. Thankfully, Paul was driving a Volvo FH tractor unit – and he’s attributing his well-being to the robust design and safety features that Volvo is famed for.


Disaster struck on what is arguably one of the UK’s busiest sections of dual carriageway – the eastbound carriageway of the A14 near Welford in Northamptonshire. Paul jack-knifed against the central reservation, and the smash saw the nearside of the cab sustain heavy impacts to both the front and rear.


It was Paul’s quick-thinking that prevented him from crossing into on-coming traffic and endangering many other motorists – however, it meant that his cab took a significant blow to the rear from his own trailer, which at the time was fully loaded with Thermalite blocks. Although an air ambulance was called and the road was closed for several hours, Paul suffered minor injuries and exited the cab on his own two feet. He was even back at work three weeks later!


“Wear your seatbelt and drive a Volvo!”


“I’m as fit as a fiddle now,” he says. “I had thirty stitches to tidy up the wound to my head, but the scar’s already healing over and I’m just glad to be back at work. I have to say I was absolutely amazed at the integrity of the cab after such a big accident. Before this accident I really liked Volvo trucks. Now I love them! They’re the best truck in the world and I honestly believe I’m still here thanks to the safe design and build quality of Volvo.


“Despite the severity of my accident, the cab of the nine-year-old Volvo FH stood up to the impact sufficiently well that, once my seatbelt was released, I was able to exit the cab via the offside door virtually as normal.”


As for advice following his accident he adds: “Always double-check that you’re wearing your seatbelt properly and drive a Volvo!”


Mike Corcoran, Commercial Director at Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, said: “Ever since our first trucks were built over 80 years ago, we have focussed on safety and the driver. Providing a safe working environment for the professional driver is one of our most important objectives when designing and building Volvo trucks of all types. In line with this objective, we are pleased to hear that Paul credited our truck and the safety features of our cab for his wellbeing following this particular incident.”


We’re glad Paul escaped relatively unscathed and we’re glad to hear he’s back on the road!


26 May 2016

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