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Volvo: Setting Safety (and Seatbelt!) Standards Since 1959


Introducing the new Volvo FH

In 2012, Volvo launched a completely new model of their long-serving and immensely popular heavy-duty truck… The Volvo FH.

The new Volvo FH was not just an updated version of the old one – it was a completely new truck. To ensure that the new model would live up to its predecessor (and then some) this truck was subjected to a huge range of grueling quality tests, to guarantee it would live up to Volvo’s notoriously high standards. These mainly focused on the truck’s reliability, durability, fuel consumption and of course… safety.


Stringent testing for ultimate safety

In the development work, the Volvo FH was subjected to thousands of simulated collision tests and around 100 real-life crash tests. High-strength materials such as dual-phase steel were used in impact-absorbing beams and also in the doors.

To best protect its driver, the cab uses the strongest steel available, and strength and function are also enhanced thanks to advanced new technology, including laser welding.

Such refinement has gone into the build and design of this model, that the windscreen has actually been bonded into place on the new model, to improve overall strength. In previous models, the windscreen served as an emergency exit, but now the roof hatch serves this function.

Altogether several vast improvements such as larger windows, a clearer instrument panel, improved visibility and active safety system, make this Volvo FH cab the safest ever built in the history of Volvo Trucks.


Volvo’s gift to us all: the three-point seatbelt

Volvo Trucks has long been the industry leader when it comes to safety. For example, in 1959 the Swedish marque introduced the three-point seatbelt. It was Volvo’s gift to us all.

It’s so effective that today it’s standard throughout the automotive industry, no matter where you are across the globe. In fact, it’s made the world a better place by saving more lives in traffic accidents than any other technical feature.

It’s clear to see that no other truck will promise you a safer cab than a Volvo. If you put safety first, soon followed by reliability, performance and not forgetting payload-pulling-power, give us a call today – and you could be on your way to finding your perfect used truck.

22 Nov 2016

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