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Volvo Truck Warranties: Which is Right for You?

Choosing from our Volvo truck warranties

When it comes to used trucks, it pays to get to know your warranty options. But what is it that determines which warranty is right for you? The answer isn’t the same for every vehicle – so to help you, we’ve come up with some easy-to-remember questions. When considering which of the Volvo truck warranties will suit your needs, ask yourself the following…


1. How long do you plan to keep the truck?

If you’re anything like us, a truck is for life, not just for Christmas. Although we do get that needs change, drivers change and time moves on… So alas, there is always a time for a new (used) truck. How many miles do you plan to run yours? Exactly how long do you plan to keep it? If it’s going to be a while, choose yourself a Volvo Selected truck as it’s covered for the longest – up to 360,000km or for up to 2 whole years.

2.  How do you plan to use the vehicle? Three main factors impact component life.

■ Duty cycle. Will the vehicle be driven in stop-and-go traffic or primarily over-the-road?
■ Terrain. Will the vehicle be operated on hilly or flat terrain?
■ Climate. Will the truck run in extreme cold or heat weather conditions?

Based on these three factors, you can analyse the lifecycle of your truck and which components you need covering the most. Don’t know where to start? Check out your own service history and maintenance records. You can also ask colleagues and other members of your fleet for theirs, and benchmark against one another, depending on the journeys you make.
This information will help determine the likelihood of necessary repair within the warranty period and whether the estimated repair costs would be crippling, should you not be covered and have to fork out for it all.


3. What exactly is covered by the warranty?

You can learn about what’s covered on our Volvo truck warranties page. Look at miles, term (time period), and components covered by the three schemes, Selected, Approved and Economy to help you decide which cover will best suit your needs.

As an example, here’s the breakdown of the various areas that include certain covered components:


  • Engine and cooling system
  • Transmission
  • Drive unit
  • Steering
  • Electrical
  • Braking system

    The Bottom Line

    When determining which extended warranty is right for your truck, or even your whole fleet, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Use these questions as a guide through the process to decide what best fits your operation.


    For more information on our Volvo truck warranties, give the Thomas Hardie Used Trucks team a call on 01606 610 393.

    31 May 2016

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