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Volvo Trucks Announce Great New Features to FH and FMX Models

New heavy-duty features introduced by Volvo Trucks have been announced to the Volvo and FH and FMX series trucks, which will further improve their already impressive driveability and capacity for work. It will be a few years before any of these new models are sold on to become used Volvo trucks, but we’re already excited at the prospect.

It’s also good news for us as more used trucks will become available as transport and construction companies up and down the country replace their existing models with these newly improved FH and FMX Volvo trucks.

A press release from Volvo Trucks in early July outlined the improvements made to the FH and FMX ranges of HGVs, which have been made particularly with the construction sector in mind, and with recognition of the need to drive on to rough terrain in order to access some sites.

The Volvo FH series has been given a new heavy-duty bumper, helping it to shrug off any minor bumps and scrapes, and the FMX front-axle-driven range has received automatic traction control in what Volvo Trucks say is an industry first.

Five more options have also been made available, including:

Dynamic Steering
Now available on trucks with dual front axles.

Increased Front Axle Loads
Up to 20 tonnes on Volvo 8×2 and 8×4 models with dual front axles.

Five-Axle Trucks
Suitable for heavy loads like truck-mounted cranes.

Rear Air Suspension
Air-suspended rear axles with driven front axles for all-wheel drive models.

Electronic Brake System
EBS for customers who specify drum brakes.

Ricard Fritz, vice-president of Volvo Trucks, said: “Volvo trucks have a solid reputation for their quality and drivelines. By adding new, innovative features we give our customers access to a broader range of options and unique ways to improve productivity.”

He added that Volvo Trucks want to be the leading brand for HGVs in the construction segment, building on their existing leading position in the long-haul market.

As we mentioned at the start of this article, all of this is good news if you want to find a used Volvo truck, and should have an immediate effect on the availability of used HGVs as companies begin to replace them with newer models.

If you have been searching for a Volvo FH-series or FMX-series truck without success, register with our vehicle sourcing service so we know what you need, and we will contact you as soon as we have found a matching vehicle.

31 Jul 2015

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