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Volvo’s Latest Concept Truck Cuts Fuel Consumption by 30%

Make way for the latest Volvo concept truck!

They’ve only gone and done it again. Exciting new details about the latest Volvo concept truck have landed and, in true Swedish style, the group hasn’t failed to disappoint.

The newly developed concept for the heavy-duty vehicle has been created with support from the Swedish Energy Agency. It’s key selling point? The promise of 30% savings in fuel consumption. One of the key factors behind the enhanced fuel economy is the massive 40% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency.

Combing clever design and advanced technology

So how has it been done? Well, there’s a whole host of clever design modifications, including replacing the conventional rear-view mirrors on the standard truck with advanced camera technology. Not only do these help to streamline the vehicle, they offer better visibility and increased safety.

Additionally, the Volvo concept truck weighs an impressive two tonnes less than the reference trailer, and is fitted with modern tyres that offer lower rolling resistance. This can either translate into either lower fuel consumption or the possibility of a higher payload.

Commending Volvo’s commitment to improving transportation

The truck itself forms part a five-year long research project that hopes to improve the efficiency of long-haul transportation by 50%. Because of this, the truck won’t be available on the market – so don’t get your hopes up. However, some of its features have already been implemented on Volvo Trucks‘ series-produced vehicles, and more of these solutions may be fitted in the future.

Volvo Trucks chief executive Claes Nilsson says: “We continuously work on developing more energy-efficient vehicles. This is a high-priority area both out of environmental concern and in order to reduce our customers’ costs. We’re proud to be able to drive this development. Our concept truck showcases the immense power of on-going technical advances.”

We say, well done Volvo, another sterling job!

06 Jun 2016

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