A Memorable And Incredibly Humbling Visit

A Memorable And Incredibly Humbling Visit

Jim Savage, our Group Quality Health & Safety Manager is back in work after his recent trip to visit a charity whom he supports in Uganda named Drumbeat, and what an experience it was!

Ae the old year drifts into the distance and the decorations come down I thought it fitting that I let you know how grateful everyone was on the other side of the planet for the generous gifts which Thomas Hardie staff and our Directors gave them last year.  You can see from the pictures that Christmas for these children will go on for a long time.

We were able to provide all the orphans families enough food to allow them to have a great time, including bread which is a real treat for them. We bought some goats as Christmas presents which will teach the children farming as well as providing them with some milk, and if the breeding programme goes as they hope, there will be lots more of them in the future!

The highlight was of course, being able to buy some beds and mattresses which is amazing and such a luxury item for them, as previously they’ve only ever slept on dirt floors, I love the ingenuity they showed by borrowing bikes and balancing everything on them!

Once again, sincerest thanks from those without voices for an amazing Christmas and a hopeful new year!

What does it cost?

Quite simply it’s just £18 a month.

What do get?

The child you sponsor appreciates that there is someone there who cares for them and they see you not just as the good Samaritan but also as their new mum or dad and they will love to build on that relationship (they will write to you and of course they eagerly await your replies!) We send birthday gifts and Christmas presents like we would for any of our children and if you want to go the whole way why not fly out with us to one of the summer camps and spend some quality time with your child, they will love you even more for it!

Are people paid to run the foundation?

No, everyone is a volunteer and pick up their own expenses, all the money raised goes to supporting the children! That’s a refreshing change!

If you’re not ready to commit to full sponsorship yet, then why not donate to the next camp in 2020, we will feed the children on your behalf.

Thanks for all your help with this year’s camp, I can’t begin to tell you just how grateful the children were. It’s not just about food but for the hope that the Drumbeat charity gives them for their futures. I return in 2020, hopefully I should have recovered by then!


For more information, please contact : jsavage [at] thardie [dot] co [dot] uk

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