A Sit Down with Steve. Master of Tractors Units, Muddy Ones too.

A Sit Down with Steve. Master of Tractors Units, Muddy Ones too.
Whos Who?

Go back 35 years and you’ll either find Steven Gregory behind the wheel of a tractor working the land or busy in the parlour milking.
Today, Steve works with a slightly different beast.
The used truck PDI bay.

Steve left school and went straight into working on a dairy farm in Swanlow near Winsford, milking cows and driving tractors on behalf of the farm, often out silaging until two o’clock in the morning. Farming is a full-time, fully committed career with a deep understanding and appreciation for the land and its livestock. ‘I liked working with the animals and being out on my own with the tractors. I also enjoyed working with the pedigree cows. We’d raise them from calves and it was great to be a part of their lives. You had kind of an affinity with them.’

The farm Steve worked on eventually changed direction and moved away from the dairy side and focused more on tractor rental where Steve would service and maintain the fleet. But inevitably, the time for Steve to depart had come and after thirty-five years of service, Steve moved away from the world of farming and into the Thomas Hardie group.

Behind the scenes, Steve is a big Elvis fan, enjoying the odd tribute act from time to time and has seen his fair share over the years. ‘I’ve liked Elvis for as long as I can remember and enjoy impersonators and tribute bands.’
Steve also appreciates a good motor, with the likes of V6 Vectra SRI’s, RS2000 Escorts and currently the new Focus ST being amongst a long history of sporty numbers. ‘When I was younger I loved the RAC Rally and would follow it through the stages.’

The preparation process is arguably one of, if not, the most crucial stage of any sold vehicle. Steven represents a pivotal position within this process, assuring customers always receive a uniform level of quality.
Working with the used truck department now for three years, for Steve, it’s the team and the product that means the most. ‘I like working with the good bunch of lads we have here. There’s a lot of pride in the job and it’s great to see the difference in our trucks when they go out.’

A hard-working, committed individual with a history to prove it. What more could a business want?

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