Meet the Team

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Jonathan Bownes

UVS Business Development Manager
Email: jbownes@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 07768 885626

What I do.
I make sure all members of the group are performing as professionally as possible. This includes assuring our staff are in the best place to deliver our promises to our customers.

What I enjoy about working with THUVS.
Seeing people develop and evolve due to our eagerness to push and encourage and our enthusiasm for continual betterment.

Something you might not know about me.
I once appeared on stage for a game of Mallets Mallet with Tim Mallet!

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Carl Boase

National Used Truck Executive
Email: cboase@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 07836 794945

What I do.
My role is to sell quality used Volvo trucks to all members of the UK and Ireland. It is my duty to provide only the best trucks at the highest level of quality. I believe straight-forward talking, honesty and the customers needs are all our highest priorities and these fundamental points are what makes Thomas Hardies the market leading company it is today.

What I enjoy most about working with THUVS.
Every day involves working alongside a variety of people from all walks of life. I also appreciate our fantastic, hard-working team we have and I’m proud to stand alongside the best of the best.

Something you might not know about me.
I can’t deal with odd numbers, I’m sure there’s a word for it. TV volume or the heater setting on my car can’t be an odd number. It should be called even-number OCD!

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Ronnie Kelsall

Regional Used Truck Executive
Email: rkelsall@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 07825 889459

What I do.
I’m tasked with selling used trucks within the Northwest and to secure maintenance packages along the way.

What do I enjoy about working with THUVS?
My job is very rewarding and I thrive on meeting new faces. Each day brings a fresh challenge and if I can introduce a Volvo truck to a none-Volvo fan, that’s also a bonus!

Something you might not know about me.
I am a trained under-water helicopter escape artist. If you ever find yourself stuck in a downed helicopter under water, give me a call!

Adam - Thomas Hardie

Adam Foy

Economy Used Truck Sales
Email: afoy@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 07585 046430

What I do.
I sell trucks that are at the higher mileage end of the spectrum or otherwise fall into our Economy offer. I also sell used & new part ex trucks that return off customers.
Lastly, I export trucks to all corners of the globe. From the Congo, Zambia, Greece, Wales, London, and Wigan.

What I enjoy most about working with THUVS
I enjoy the camaraderie and how much of a close-knit group we are. We can all have a laugh and joke together, but when a job needs doing, the team bands together to get the work done. Representing Thomas Hardie’s in a role that is relatively new to the group is brilliant and unlocks the opportunity for me to dial in my skills and provide a professional service for our customers.

Tell us one thing people might not know about you

People may not know that I am a keen gardener. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a well-kept lawn!

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Dennis Roberts

Contract Administrator
Email: droberts@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 07810 831964

What I do
I have worked for the Thomas Hardie franchise for 32 years. I coordinate the return of vehicle’s off contract and also carry out inspections. I then discuss/liaise with the customer any issues they may have along with charging the previous owner. Lastly, I organise and monitor vehicle documents and information.

What I enjoy most about working at THUVS
I enjoy managing my work load and working for myself, It’s a great sense of freedom. The team here are brilliant and it’s nice to work alongside passionate people who are really committed to what they do.

Something you might not know about me.
People might not know that I am very fond of snorkelling and am very keen to give scuba diving a go soon! Space and astrology also interest me.

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James Glover

Used Truck Administrator
Email: jglover@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 01606 830100

What I do
I manage front desk responsibility’s, from answering the majority of calls to being front of house for customers visiting our site. I also keep tabs on all documents and invoicing to make sure the admin side of our work runs smoothly.

What I enjoy most about working with THUVS
My role is very much under the radar. I enjoy the weight of my role and the importance of my day to day jobs and I enjoy supporting the team and love interacting with our staff and customers.

Something you might not know about me
As a young man, I seriously considered becoming a priest.