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Meet the Team

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Jonathan Bownes

UVS Business Development Manager
Email: jbownes@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 07768 885626

‘Every aspect of my role will always revolve around the people. Allowing others the chance to introduce new methods and ideas to the business, watching the department grow and learn every day,  recognising talent early and encouraging it’

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Carl Boase

National Used Truck Sales Executive
Email: cboase@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 07836 794945

‘I enjoy keeping tabs on where my trucks are up to whilst being prepared and keeping the customer totally in the know throughout the whole process’

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Ronnie Kelsall

Regional Used Truck Sales Executive
Email: rkelsall@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 07825 889459

‘The game changes all the time with stock levels, availability, customers needs, delivery times, etc. We adapt and find customers who are right for the trucks we have at the time. Every sale is different, and every customer has their own needs, so it’s our job to provide our customers with what they are after. It’s addictive!’

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Adam Foy

Regional Used Truck Sales Executive
Email: afoy@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 07585 046430

‘The job means I get to meet people from all walks of life plus nothing beats the feeling of a successful deal!’

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Dennis Roberts

Contract Administrator
Email: droberts@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 07810 831964

‘The team here are brilliant and it’s nice to work alongside passionate people who are really committed to what they do’

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Vicki Buckley

Used Truck Administrator
Email: vbuckley@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 01606 830100

As UVS Administrator, Vicki Buckley plays a key role within the team, which you can learn more about by clicking here

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Steven Gregory

PDI Supervisor 
Email: sgregory@thardie.co.uk
Mobile: 07769 642123

‘The aspect I enjoy most about the UVS bay is the responsibility you have. You aren’t just a valeter, you are the last stop before the customer collects. It’s your job to make sure that particular truck is perfect in every sense and it’s all down to the people and the team to make that happen’