Thomas Hardie Commercials Expands It’s Reach

The previously held Volvo Group Lancaster dealership has exchanged hands and has now become Thomas Hardies 6th franchise location due to increased customer demand. With fantastic access routes to our Preston depot, plus great opportunities’ to expand the business further North, the move will provide more customers with easier location access and the ability to utilise our brand more than ever.



You might be wondering, but how does this benefit used trucks? Ronnie Kelsall, our Regional Sales Executive, will be supplying the Lancaster depot with a small offering of our own stock, allowing local customers the ability to view, test-drive and buy, without making the trip to our Middlewich depot.

With an already fully fledged Volvo parts and workshop department on site, this move offers more customers easier access to all aspects of the Thomas Hardie group and will serve as a fantastic base for further expansion.

Ronnie Kelsall is a well regarded and trusted member of our used truck sales team, who’s continued dedication and passion offers an un-rivalled truck buying experience. Ronnie, who’ll remain located at our Middlewich depot, will be available via phone and email to deal with all Lancaster enquiries.

A positive step for the Thomas Hardie Group and a huge leap for our used truck team.



EasyWalk Showcase it’s Latest Line Up of Volvo’s

EasyWalk LTD rounded up it’s recent additions to the fleet for a photoshoot earlier this month. Director Andrew Clarke purchased all three Volvo’s over the course of this year via the aid of multiple teams within the Thomas Hardie group and beyond. A huge team effort resulted in what can only be described as a ‘show stopping’ line up.

For the full story click here 👉Practicality Never Looked This Good – Thomas Hardie (




EasyWalk Fleet


Ew2 - Thomas Hardie

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Groupage Hauler Turns Heads During Drop Off’s

🔸 As we celebrate 25 years of successful business, we pride ourselves in boasting a long heritage of customers from all corners of the UK and Ireland. Advancements in technology, smartphones and the ease of the internet all help to bridge the gap between businesses, worlds and export.

Approaching us via social media, Jolene is proud to showcase her company, time and achievements.


Irish based Groupage specialist Donegal Groupage pulled out all the stops when customizing their recent Volvo 540BHP V4, adding to their ever-expanding business.

Based in Donegal, Jolene Mc Bride provides groupage services all across Ireland and to the surrounding area’s. 

👉 Groupage or LTT (Less Than Truck Load) is an excellent alternative to conventional haulage if the amount of product needed doesn’t fill a specific trailer or container. 

As with most new purchases, Jolene wasn’t about to release this particular Volvo onto the Irish roads without first fashioning it into something a little easier on the eye. 

Adding the companies decals and title, alongside subtle paint changes helps to keep this unit fresh, plus incorporating the business’s branding. A dazzling array of light bars, beacons, and air-horns add a presence to the road and particularly useful during night runs. 

Image00003 - Thomas Hardie


The original chrome catwalk made way for a colour-coded step plate that stretched the length of the chassis, concealing unsightly wires, piping, and prop-shaft. Side skirts, colour-coded wing tops and checker plate introduced a little colour to the rear of the cab and chassis, whilst an upgraded A-frame replaces the regular painted unit.



💬 ‘The air-brush on the back of this truck is of my father who started up this business back in 1995 and who I took over in 2013. He still plays a very big part and puts in a lot of hard work. I wanted to get this done as a surprise to let him know how much he is appreciated within the business’  


Image00005 - Thomas HardieDonegal Groupage worked alongside our used truck sales team and in particular Carl Boase, our National Used Truck Sales Specialist.

💬 ‘We chose this V4 as we wanted to add to our existing fleet and we never have any problems, so we were more than happy to purchase another one of this type’.

Carl Boase boasts a lengthy and decorated career within truck sales and aims to provide the right Volvo for any job, first time round. A highly regarded professional who has seen many customers return throughout the years due to his commitment to seeing a job through to the end. 

💬 ‘Our experience with the Thomas Hardie used truck sales team was second to none and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. We dealt with Carl from start to finish and he was very helpful’.

It’s fantastic to see and hear the stories and work put into used trucks once they’ve left our gates and proves that our Volvo’s are the perfect canvas for anyone who prefers a more bespoke workhorse.

Thanks to Jolene Mc Bride for sending us these images and for giving us a little insight into the history of her business.






Before (2) - Thomas Hardie

Milk Hauler K.Hamilton Secures Their Second Volvo.

Another fantastic result for the Used Vehicle’s Sales team as a 4×2 FH receives that all too familiar custom treatment, something we’ve all come to know and love.

A helpful tip-off from a fellow Thomas Hardie customer resulted in K.Hamilton Haulage purchasing this awesome FH. An essential tool during the early days of Kieran’s newest milk haulage business. 

Adding to an existing vehicle within the fleet, this Volvo received a fresh paint job, lightbars, dirt deflectors, air horns, plus a full alloy wheel upgrade to complete the look. 

Also boasting cruise control, cornering lights, lane-keep support, collision warning systems, plus a 33ltr under-bunk fridge/freezer. A strong arsenal of instruments and a clear indicator as to why this Volvo was so irresistible.  

‘The Used Vehicle team spared no effort in guaranteeing my newest truck was ready and prepared to a professional standard.’

‘Seeing it’s sister truck and what’s achievable with these Volvo’s meant I couldn’t resist getting my hands on one.’

Congratulations to Kieran on his newest purchase and we hope to work alongside K.Hamilton again soon. 




Before - Thomas Hardie

The Art of Movement

The year is 1896, Wilhelm Röntgen performs the world’s first X-ray, the Dow Jones Index sets its first stock price, and Walter James Hunt, a 23-year-old Hampshire local, has just loaded his heifer onto a horse-drawn cart destined for the Basingstoke market.

Fast-forward one hundred and fourteen years and travel two miles up the road and you’ll find Walters grandchildren and great-grandchildren loading helicopters, forklifts, and pharmaceuticals onto articulated lorries. A slight shift in product but the fundamentals remained the same.

L. Hunt & Sons, a family-run business, now boasts a fantastic and trusted lineage that offers a reliable service for all its customers.

‘Huntusual’ caters for all manners of haulage, from aircraft to emergency vehicles. Work like this is what L. Hunt & Sons specialize in and now seemed a perfect opportunity for an upgrade. A 12.8litre, 540bhp, GTXL tractor including lane keep/departure warning technology, 33ltr under-bunk fridge/freezer, and cornering headlights ticked all Derricks boxes. The powerful D13K540 engine, combined with the fantastic levels of comfort and technology in-cab, meant Derrick could accommodate his clients and drivers equally.


Derrick also requested Kelsa Lightbars top and bottom, roof beacons & spotlights, plus a full chassis/cab respray, all arranged upon collection via Carl Boase, our National Sales Executive here at Middlewich.

Efficient, economical, and comfortable. Three valuable traits for any haulage business and particularly important for L. Hunt & Sons who aim to maintain an up-to-date, sophisticated fleet, offering reliability and quality.

A fantastic result all round for the Thomas Hardie group and L. Hunt & Sons who’ll continue to provide a vital service for it’s current and future clients for many years to come.

Img 3819 - Thomas Hardie Img 3818 - Thomas Hardie Img 3695 - Thomas Hardie Img 3820 - Thomas Hardie

Practicality Never Looked This Good

Andrew Clarke of EasyWalk LTD knows exactly how he likes his Volvo’s. Practical, reliable and great looking. Andrew’s fleet turns heads, as well as profit.

‘It’s no good arriving at a job in an un-kept wagon. Your truck and it’s driver represent your company and both must be on top form and performing their best at all times’.

Andrews’s well-established haulage business specializes in heavy steel, working in and around the Northwest’s docks and ports.

A 500bhp, 12.8 litre, D13K engine was the desired set up and the Volvo FH4 makes light work of complex loads.

‘Volvo’s might not be the cheapest, but you know on a cold, dark winter morning, they’ll fire up and get the work done. We are also looking into obtaining a 750bhp Volvo in the near future and beginning ADR work with tankers, hazardous goods, etc. Another string to the EasyWalk bow’.



Ezywlk 2 - Thomas Hardie‘We decided to go with Kelsa’s aluminium bars not just for looks, but also because of weight. When moving the kind of loads we deal with, every kilogram counts. Even down to the aluminium alloy wheels. They look fantastic, but also shave a ton of weight. We’ve experienced issues with other manufactures like Scania in the past when it comes to gross vehicle weight and getting the balance just right’. 

A low-slung Kelsa bib-bar with added spotlights is essential for traversing difficult, poorly-lit areas. ‘The lower lights are perfect for spotting hidden obstructions while working at night on the docks’.

‘The beacons on the front help with wide loads and the floodlights aid us in remote locations where visibility is poor, it’s useful to be seen before it’s too late! We also fitted chrome air-horns because…who doesn’t love air horns?’

Also packing some serious tech, the driver won’t miss a thing due to a full camera system. ‘we want our drivers to be confident on the job and to be equipped with a good understanding of what’s going on around them at all times. Useful during complex manoeuvres’.
Ezywlk 3 - Thomas HardieA Road Runner truck tracking system has also been included to mainly support customers. ‘The tracking system helps our customers keep up-to-date with what’s going on with their orders and where we are up to’.

This immense project wouldn’t have been possible without the support and guidance provided by multiple teams across the Thomas Hardie Group.

Kevin Robins of Ginger Graphics worked alongside Andrew in designing the appearance.
‘Ronnie Kelsall put me in touch with Kevin and he’s been nothing short of perfect. I took a lot of inspiration from my Dad’s previous designs. I aimed for a striking, yet contemporary/classic look and Kevin delivered’.

Thomas Hardie Vehicle Solutions based in Chorley carried out the majority of alterations for Andrew. This elite team of professionals are experts in conversions, resprays, bodywork repairs, fabrication and so much more. A vital asset within the Thomas Hardie group.

Ezywlk 4 - Thomas Hardie‘I can’t fault the team at Chorley. Nothing was too much to ask and I was kept up-to-date constantly. Joanne Baldwin (Service Support Administrator at Chorley) is an absolute credit to the team. Always on the ball and unbelievably professional’.

Another key player in this journey was Ronnie Kelsall, our award-winning regional salesmen here at Middlewich. With a broad history of successful ventures, Ronnie is an expert in his field. Ronnie’s no-nonsense, straight-talking approach mean his customers receive the best support and guidance possible in choosing the right truck for them.

‘Ronnie’s support throughout is next level. He knows the score and only want’s what’s best for his customers. The sale isn’t forced and Ron will always suggest what’s right for the customer, rather than what’s best for him. I will only ever buy trucks from Thomas Hardie’s. The aftercare you receive is indispensable. You know if something does go wrong, Hardie’s will support you throughout. You can’t put a price on quality like that’.

A huge thank you to Andrew and EasyWalk LTD for appointing Thomas Hardie Used Trucks as their Volvo truck supplier and we look forward to many more engagements in the future.

Ezywlk 5 - Thomas Hardie

Leads Mean Prizes!

Phil Edwards, our Workshop Supervisor here at Middlewich aided in securing a successful partnership between Ronnie Kelsall, our Regional Sales Exec and Mick Swain of Domain Transport.

During a recent conversation, Phil learned that Mick was very impressed with the level of service he’d received whilst working alongside our Middlewich After-market team. Phil also noted that Mick was interested in converting to an all Volvo fleet, rather than his current mix of Daf and Volvo.

Learning this information, Phil had just the man in mind for the job, Ronnie Kelsall. An award-winning salesman that boasted a wealth of experience assisting customers interested in progressing into a more Volvo dominant fleet. Mick indicated that two Volvo FH, 500bhp units would benefit his fleet further, so Ronnie set to work providing Mick with the necessary units.

Mick previously sourced all his vehicles via Crossroads, so a huge success for the used vehicle department and the Thomas Hardie group as a whole in gaining another valued customer.

Big thanks to Phil for his quick thinking and dedication to the company, he received a few Volvo goodies, plus some bonus bonds for his efforts!

Brian’s Expanding His Business

Brian Mc Elchare took purchase of this fantastic 460bhp FH13 to further expand his business.

Brian opted for a 6×2 Globetrotter featuring lane keeping and collision support, leather upholstery and cruise control. “The overall condition of the unit  was excellent considering it’s a second hand vehicle” Very often customers inform us that friends and colleagues mistake their Volvo’s for brand new units when revealing them for the first time!

Powered by Volvo’s reputable D13K Euro 6 engine achieving between 2251 – 2400nm of torque, coupled with the versatile 12-speed I-Shift gearbox and long haul gear changing software. Dirt deflectors, front mud flaps and an in-cab load indicator were also added before collection.

“The service I received was outstanding, the communication from Ronnie Kelsall was excellent and he provided me with all the correct information needed when purchasing. Ronnie definitely went the extra mile” Ronnie Kelsall, our regional sales executive provided his expert levels of advice and guidance throughout.

“Me and my family all run haulage companies. Thomas Hardies has always been highly recommended by friends and many others within the haulage game”  Customer feedback provides great insight into a business’s performance.

This unit is also covered by Volvo’s ‘Selected’ warranty. Resulting in a full 24 months manufactures warranty, 200 point pre-collection inspection and a minimum 12 months MOT ticket supplied to help keep Brian moving.

“I would highly recommend working with this company as they are very helpful and made it easy when purchasing my vehicle. Ronnie Kelsall especially went the extra mile for me and my business”

We’d like to thank Brian for his time with us. We appreciate his comments and thank him for choosing Thomas Hardies’ as his used Volvo truck supplier. We hope to work alongside Brian and Bmcelchare ltd again soon.


Andy’s Fleet Gains it’s Fifth Thomas Hardie Volvo


Old Nwp - Thomas HardieAndy has certainly gone to town with this ex forestry 500bhp Tag. Landing in Middlewich earlier this year, this formidable FH has undergone some extensive alterations.

Edwards Haulage operates within the animal feed/biomass sector, Transporting goods and feed across the country. Hardie’s and Andy have worked together for over eight years, with five of the hauliers seven Volvo strong fleet supplied by our Used Truck Sales team.

Andy is very complimentary of his time spent with Thomas Hardie’s. Excellent customer service, alongside vital warranty packages, are two distinct advantages of working with Hardies’ and two features that ultimately impressed Andy most.
This vehicle will also be benefitting from Volvo’s Blue Contract After-Market coverage, meaning a big success for all area’s of the team.

Our Used Truck department is no stranger to dabbling within the world of truck modifications. Very often customers will add a little something extra to give their Volvo the edge. Andy certainly achieved this, loaded with some of the best alterations we’ve seen, no area of the cab has been missed.
With painted grilles, extended sun-visors, alloy wheels being a small list of additions, Andy wanted this truck to stand out and that’s exactly what it does.

We are extremely proud to offer this service and believe this area of work is what some customers enjoy most. The opportunity to adapt a Volvo before visiting our site, a vital aspect for some.

Congratulations to Andy on his new Volvo and we hope to work alongside Edwards Haulage again soon.Photo 2020 07 19 21 40 54 - Thomas Hardie

Martin Porter Adds His Personal Touch to an Already Impressive Volvo

Having the opportunity to see our customers adding their own personal touch to a Volvo is something we’ll never get tired of being a part of.

This stylish FH V4 left Middlewich with an eye-catching colour scheme, sleek side skirt set-up and a pair of uprated headlights up front. An already impressive list of features. But never-the-less, this Volvo received a complete re-work. With the result being something Martin Porter of Porter Haulage can now call his own.

Martin has added an upfront bib spoiler and front bonnet colour-coded dirt deflectors, roof lightbar setup with additional spotlights and a brand-new set of alloy wheels. All this, combined with a sleek and personalized paint-job, helps to tie all these modifications together. Producing a stunning FH that Martin can be proud of.

We hope to work alongside Porter Haulage again soon and look forward to supplying Martin with his next quality Volvo.




Porter Haulage Gallery

Ft16ozb (3) - Thomas Hardie

Image00002 - Thomas Hardie

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