This destructive virus is affecting all corners of the globe and disrupting all areas of work. The Thomas Hardie Used Vehicle Centre is doing everything it can to keep doors open for any assistance and support possible during this difficult time. The haulage industry provides vital support in keeping the country moving and essential produce, whether it be food or medical supplies delivered to desperate locations all across the country.
The UVS department is adjusting its mission during these times, aiming to provide any support it can for its customers, while still offering quality used Volvo’s.
The team is taking every step to ensure it’s offices and working areas are safe and secure. All deliveries and visits are dealt with with the utmost care and attention to keep our group as safe as possible.
Customers are still able to view our stock easily if needed and our sales team are always on the end of the phone ready for our customer’s queries. Customers take number one priority and their safety is key. Therefore the Thomas Hardie Used Truck’s website features full virtual tours of stock and vehicles for sale. Meaning customers have a much more powerful and interactive experience and don’t necessarily need to come on-site if they’d prefer not too.
The company understands the importance of keeping our products and service readily available for the public and will do everything in its power to stay available, within government guidelines.
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