Customer Loyalty is Priceless!

Customer Loyalty is Priceless!

Pennington Haulage are a successful family run business owned by David Pennington. The company was founded by his grandfather in 1927 and provides road haulage and transport services to businesses throughout the UK.

David Pennington, owner, explains, “Our relationship with Thomas Hardie Used trucks goes back some 20 years, and I can confidentially say that I wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s a culmination of both product and support from the entire team.

We have been extremely impressed with the trucks we’ve purchased to date as they’re always prepped to a faultless standard upon collection. Our latest vehicle purchase of a 15 plate, FH, version 4 required some customisation, however, our exacting requirements were discussed and upgrades actioned as desired. In addition, to prevent us being a vehicle short whilst our new vehicle was having livery fitted, the used trucks team allowed us to utilise our part exchange for an additional 5 days to prevent downtime, where else would you get this level of support?.

Over the years we have sampled other vehicle marques, however, to date, I can honestly say that the Volvo product certainly has the edge. Opting for high mileage, used trucks, you’d expect that the likelihood of us encountering repairs would be increased, however, this is certainly not the case. I can’t recall when I’ve had to change a clutch on one of my vehicles, the reliability is incomparable. This is of course backed up by the exemplary level of support received by the Middlewich team.

I would like to extend sincerest thanks to Adam Foy and the rest of the team at Middlewich, here’s to many more years of mutual association.”

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