Customer Spotlight; R J Morgan & Sons Ltd

Customer Spotlight; R J Morgan & Sons Ltd
Customer Spotlight

This week featured the collection of two very special Volvos and gave us the opportunity to shed a little light on a customer who over the years, has become a good friend to the used truck team.

18 - Thomas HardieMark Morgan, ex-Army (Royal Logistics Core) joined his father’s haulage mission back in 2011, following twenty-two years of service. Mark’s father originally worked with Lidl’s RDC in Western Super Mare before solely running two trucks in and out of  Lidl’s Exeter depot, following the supermarket giant closing the WSM depot and dropping their own units, opting for contract hauliers instead. Mark recognised room for improvement and slowly began developing the fleet. Over the years Mark has purchased sixteen Volvos from National Sales Executive Carl Boase and currently runs five units alongside Reefer trailers.  Mark’s father retired in 2020, passing down the gauntlet and the rest you could say is history.

Carl first took a call from Mark back in 2013 and has provided the haulier with quality Volvos ever since. ‘Mark has been a fantastic customer over the years and has purchased at least one/two trucks from us every year. He has become a good friend and we always like to catch up and hear how each other’s families are getting on. Mark’s a lovely bloke who I always enjoy working with.’

Mark won’t buy trucks from anyone or anywhere else. ‘Carl is just a good, honest bloke who gets it right every time and understands what I like. I’ve bought trucks from other dealers in the past and the experience is nothing like working with Carl or Thomas Hardies. I get the trucks I want and the service I like’.

15 - Thomas Hardie

It’s also fair to say that Mark know’s how he likes his fleet to look. We’re always excited when a customer flexes their creative muscles and Mark certainly isn’t an exception. ‘I like my trucks to look well, I have drivers who come in early to clean and polish their trucks, so I want them to have the best I can provide. It also attracts good drivers who’ll look after the wagons and plays a big part in recruitment’  Mark opts for the very recognisable Performance Edition decals when deciding how his trucks will look. ‘I once saw another truck rolling out of Lidl with the Performance Edition flag on the side and thought, yeah that is nice. So now Carl sorts that for me’. Accompanying the decals, Mark commonly requests alloy wheels, lightbars, under-bunk fridge/freezers, microwaves, side-skirts, Anderson leads, in-cab blow guns and extra paintwork alterations.

It’s always a pleasure working alongside R J Morgan & Sons, their loyalty is invaluable and we can’t thank Mark and his business enough for allowing us to populate their ever-increasing fleet.

Here’s to the next ten years! 🍻


Below is a selection of photos of Mark’s recent purchases 👇

14 - Thomas Hardie

7 - Thomas Hardie

17 - Thomas Hardie

21 - Thomas Hardie

13 - Thomas Hardie

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