Dynafleet trial is raising efficiencies with B.J. Crowther’s Volvo tipper fleet

Dynafleet trial is raising efficiencies with B.J. Crowther’s Volvo tipper fleet

Oldham based, B.J. Crowther Ltd. is raising vehicle and driver efficiency levels, thanks to a three-month trial using Volvo’s Dynafleet fleet management system.

B.J. Crowther Ltd.’s local Volvo Customer Solutions Manager, Paul Nicholas at Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd, Trafford Park, organised the test programme and he delivers results summaries on monthly basis.

“We are just four weeks into the trial, but already there are significant improvements with fuel consumption and driver behaviour,” reports Phil Crowther, Managing Director at B.J. Crowther Ltd.

Real-time monitoring of the three-month project can be accessed anytime thanks to the Dynafleet app, which provides constant updates on the performance of B.J. Crowther’s fleet of five Volvo FMX 8×4 tippers. This makes it possible to easily pinpoint critical data and take immediate actions for reduced costs and better vehicle usage.

The Dynafleet updated app version now also ranks drivers’ performance, based on a total fuel efficiency score, so if any employee is in need of driver training, the Dynafleet app management user will be the first to know. Drivers can also track their own score over time as well as comparing their results with others.

“I’m keen to establish a ‘best practice’ league, with a prize at the end of each month for the best performing driver,” Phil Crowther notes. “However, there are a number of mitigating factors to consider, such as area of operation and vehicle type, as we run a sole 13-litre FMX 380hp rigid alongside four 11 litre, 410hp models.

There are also three different differential ratios to consider, but the Dynafleet app covers all this and we can also assign the fleet to a particular type of usage, in our case ‘construction’,” he adds.

B.J. Crowther Ltd. utilises Volvo Service Contracts for its FMX tipper fleet, with Thomas Hardie Commercials Ltd at Trafford Park carrying out the servicing and repairs jobs on its night shift which ensures maximum vehicle utilisation for the company.

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