Fanatical For FMX’s

Fanatical For FMX’s

Similar to the well know phrase regarding British public transport, good condition used Volvo FMX’s are hard to come by. But when five turn up at once, that’s something to shout about.

Featuring an impressive list of extra’s, extremely low KM’s and in great condition for used examples, these ex Fox Brothers units pose a fantastic opportunity for someone in the market for rough terrain haulage. Also falling into Volvo’s ‘Selected’ WarraFox (8) - Thomas Hardienty package, these FMX’s are backed up with some of the best support available.

A common sight amongst quarries or anywhere where the road becomes a little less road-like. The FMX is fantastic tool for moving huge amounts of pretty much anything, anywhere!

Featuring Volvo’s hugely respected I-Shift transmission giving you un-rivalled confidence and control. Fixed to the drivers seat for effortless gear adjustment, the I-Shift system is a staple in modern day haulage and is a vital feature within the FMX range.

Also housing a reverse camera system for when vision is at an all time low. Engaging reverse will activate the main 7″ information display to flip to a behind the body view, providing more support while backing up.

Under-run low side protection and guard plates protect the vehicles vital areas like cooling pipes and the oil sump, giving you the confidence to traverse more challenging routes.

Fox (1) - Thomas Hardie





Roof beacons, air-horns and a small light-box for illuminating your companies title/brand are also included, alongside air conditioning, V-shaped daytime running lights, trailer detection, electronically heated and adjusted mirrors and LED tail lights.

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