First Volvo trucks a gas for environ

First Volvo trucks a gas for environ

High Peak, Derbyshire-based Environ have put the company’s first two Volvo trucks into service. Environ are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of activated carbon for gas cleaning, as well as design and build of complete systems for the treatment of landfill gas, digester gas from anaerobic digester plants, sewage gas, gas to grid, odour control and treatment of contaminated waste and wastewater.

Supplied by Thomas Hardie Commercials at Trafford Park, Manchester, the XL Globetrotter-cabbed FH-540 6×2 tag-axle tractor units transport bespoke trailers fitted with 7.5 metre long vessels, each of which contains 10-tonnes (20m³) of activated carbon and graphite pellets, which are used to clean gas emissions on landfill sites.

These vessels, which are manufactured by Environ, are exchanged on site and the spent media is then discharged at the Environ works and the vessel refilled. The vessels are manufactured with a stainless steel inner wall and insulated with a mild steel outer casing.

The new Volvo trucks deliver the vessels to sites around the UK and Ireland. The cleaned gas is used on the sites to generate electricity, which is sold to the National Grid.

Environ Director Daniel Stringfellow explains that Thomas Hardie Commercials won the business thanks to the competitive contract hire costs and the ability of the dealership to meet the company’s exacting quality and customer service standards.

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