Leads Mean Prizes!

Leads Mean Prizes!

Phil Edwards, our Workshop Supervisor here at Middlewich aided in securing a successful partnership between Ronnie Kelsall, our Regional Sales Exec and Mick Swain of Domain Transport.

During a recent conversation, Phil learned that Mick was very impressed with the level of service he’d received whilst working alongside our Middlewich After-market team. Phil also noted that Mick was interested in converting to an all Volvo fleet, rather than his current mix of Daf and Volvo.

Learning this information, Phil had just the man in mind for the job, Ronnie Kelsall. An award-winning salesman that boasted a wealth of experience assisting customers interested in progressing into a more Volvo dominant fleet. Mick indicated that two Volvo FH, 500bhp units would benefit his fleet further, so Ronnie set to work providing Mick with the necessary units.

Mick previously sourced all his vehicles via Crossroads, so a huge success for the used vehicle department and the Thomas Hardie group as a whole in gaining another valued customer.

Big thanks to Phil for his quick thinking and dedication to the company, he received a few Volvo goodies, plus some bonus bonds for his efforts!

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