Meet The Professionals- Nick Thamnidis

Meet The Professionals- Nick Thamnidis

Welcome to our first instalment of Meet The Professionals. 

Nick Thamnidis is one of our dedicated valeters here at Thomas Hardie Used Vehicle Sales Middlewich, who makes the difference between a used truck, and a Thomas Hardie used truck.

Name – Nick Thamnidis

Role – Valeter/Laborer

How long have you worked at THUVS?– 5 months

Brief description of your roll 

I wash & clean sold and stock trucks. I carry out light repairs to keep our trucks in tip top condition and carry out daily check to make sure they don’t skip a beat.

What do you enjoy most about working at THUVS? 

I enjoy the work I do and the people I work with. I also enjoy how open the group is to suggestions and ideas to benefit the company.

Why should someone use THUVS as their used truck supplier? –

Our stock only consists of quality and reliable trucks. We ensure our product is prepared and showcased to a high standard and we pride ourselves in our professionalism.

Describe THUVS in three words –

  • Trust
  • Joy
  • Hard work

Where do you see THUVS in the near future? –

I’d like to see our company grow and expand to new heights and eventually have a solid worldwide distribution system. Supplying trucks to farthest corners of the world and our name to be well known globally.

What three items would you need on a desert island –

My wife and child are all I need.

Tell us one thing people might not know about you –

I regard myself as a problem solver. I am constantly finding ways of improving myself or the company, where ever I can.

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Thank you.

By Marcus Harley
(UVS Sales Support


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