Our Customer’s Creations at Truckfest 2017

Our Customer’s Creations at Truckfest 2017

Here at Thomas Hardie Used Trucks we’re always excited to see our trucks on the road and customers showcasing their talents.

Simon, and his son Alfie, buy Volvo trucks from Thomas Hardie Used Trucks. What they do with them impressed Truckfest so much they were asked to exhibit some of their customizations this past event.

Alfie was in charge of showcasing his creations in 2017. He adds designs and LED lights to parade the trucks, even at night. The duos favourite truck to customize is Thomas Hardie’s Volvo FH Globetrotter, “We would like to eventually have a new fleet of Globetrotters which look good, turn heads and be noticed” explains Simon.

Simon’s first truck with THUT was 15 years ago and he has been working with THUT ever since. “THUT have a great amount of knowledge, sales expertise and superb service. I trust them and have a good relationship with them all, especially John Bownes.”

We are happy and proud our customers like to work with us. We build great relationships with them and love to see what they do with our trucks. Whether it’s using them purely for business and to increase their fleet or be show-stopping pieces at the biggest event in the trucking calendar!

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