Sales Person Of The Year and Excellence in Customer Service Award in the bag for Used Vehicle Sales

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Thomas Hardie Used Volvo Trucks Centre - About Us - Thomas Hardie Used Trucks in Middlewich, CheshireIn 2014 Thomas Hardie’s introduced the first Staff Awards ceremony, which involved members of the group voting for who they believed deserved recognition and reward for going that extra mile. The prestigious ceremony rolls around every two years and this year would once again commend motivation, enthusiasm, determination and effort. Categories such as Apprentice of the year, Best Manager and Director Special award were some of the categories up for grabs on the night.

 Used Vehicle Sales has done well in previous occasions and dispite a challenging 2019, UVS was hopeful in bringing some silverware back to Middlewich.

Representing Best Sales Person of the Year for UVS was Ronnie Kelsall our Regional Sales Exec. Determination and an ability to push through the doubt and concern secured his place as winner and gained a massive milestone for himself and the department.


Thomas Hardie Used Volvo Trucks Centre - About Us - Thomas Hardie Used Trucks in Middlewich, Cheshire


Dennis Roberts our Contract Closure Coordinator also brought home the Excellence in Customer Service award for providing un-comparable customer service and further cementing the Used Vehicle Sales department into the minds of current and future customers. Dennis, who deals with vehicles returning off contract hire as well as other valuable tasks for Used Vehicle Sales, has been nominated previously for the customer service award, with Dennis believing that his chances on winning this year would be slim. But despite his humble beliefs, Den adds yet another string to the UVS bow.

These awards are brilliant method of acknowledging staff efforts and to instill confidence and pride into every task, every improvement and every customer. Without events like these, accomplishments and achievements gained by our group could possibly go un-noticed and the potential for further improvement and growth would be at risk of becoming slowed and stunted.






Congratulations to both Dennis and Ronnie for their combined success and here’s to many more achievements in the future!


By Marcus Harley
(UVS Sales Support)
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