SWT’s DAF Update

SWT’s DAF Update

SWT (South Wales Truck and Trailer Repairs) has been trading for around four years and began life as a dedicated HGV diagnostics and repairs workshop manned by three fully qualified technicians. Two years in, Tony, director at SWT, decided to expand the business, moving into the haulage sector. Tony’s father also ran a successful haulage firm for over twenty-five years, giving Tony the confidence and knowledge he needed to get the ball rolling with his latest venture. Now running three wagons, SWT is a well-established, versatile business that contributes as well as supports the haulage effort.

It’s worth mentioning that Tony has worked alongside Thomas Hardie Used Trucks for roughly ten years, collecting sold wagons for PM Reace & Sons, so Tony already knew where he would be going to populate his fleet when the time was right!

This latest DAF addition has received a complete strip-down and respray, accompanied by SWT’s unique livery.



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