Team UVS Contribute Towards RTC Training

Team UVS Contribute Towards RTC Training

Used Vehicle Sales Manager, Jonathan Bownes, and Cheshire Fire and Rescue instructor, Paul Cowin, recently joined forces to further highlight the importance of HGV RTCs.

HGV RTCs (Road Traffic Collisions) can have unbelievably devastating effects on everyone. From the people caught up in the accident to bystanders that rush to help. Nobody wants to be involved, but it is essential that the professionals who specialize in this field are ready and fully understand what can be expected, this was the goal for both Paul and Jonathan.

Jonathan brought along a 2019, 500bhp, 6×2, Volvo FH tractor unit to Winsford Fire Station, giving the training crew a full, hands-on experience with a relatively new HGV. This specific station features a special ‘Major Rescue Unit’ that attends HGV RTCs and other major incidents involving the public. Following a brief introduction from both Paul and Jon, plus a few quick-fire questions from the trainees, the crew was given the opportunity to look around, ask questions and discuss all aspects of the truck. Many opted to climb aboard and at one point, the cabin housed four crew members! Questions ranged from battery isolation points, door jams, cutting locations, windscreen access, trailer connections, axle pressure, and more.

For many, this was the first time they’d had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a modern HGV with Paul commenting; “being able to compare a newer truck to the older style we have to practice extrication, was a major positive of the course” The cab was eventually tilted over allowing the crew further access to the engine and more regions of the vehicle to explore, not before reminding everyone not to leave anything heavy on the bunk!

The afternoon concluded with the crew test-fitting the latest airbag restraint technology on a modern steering wheel and we are glad to hear positive feedback all-round.

The day was very well received with the majority of trainees learning something new and taking with them fresh knowledge that we hope will go on to benefit the station in the future.

We’d like to thank Paul of Cheshire Fire & Rescue for inviting us along and allowing us the chance to further support and contribute towards the HGV RTC effort!

Below are some photos taken of the day 👇


2 - Thomas Hardie


5 - Thomas Hardie

6 - Thomas Hardie

7 - Thomas Hardie

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