The Art of Movement

The Art of Movement

The year is 1896, Wilhelm Röntgen performs the world’s first X-ray, the Dow Jones Index sets its first stock price, and Walter James Hunt, a 23-year-old Hampshire local, has just loaded his heifer onto a horse-drawn cart destined for the Basingstoke market.

Fast-forward one hundred and fourteen years and travel two miles up the road and you’ll find Walters grandchildren and great-grandchildren loading helicopters, forklifts, and pharmaceuticals onto articulated lorries. A slight shift in product but the fundamentals remained the same.

L. Hunt & Sons, a family-run business, now boasts a fantastic and trusted lineage that offers a reliable service for all its customers.

‘Huntusual’ caters for all manners of haulage, from aircraft to emergency vehicles. Work like this is what L. Hunt & Sons specialize in and now seemed a perfect opportunity for an upgrade. A 12.8litre, 540bhp, GTXL tractor including lane keep/departure warning technology, 33ltr under-bunk fridge/freezer, and cornering headlights ticked all Derricks boxes. The powerful D13K540 engine, combined with the fantastic levels of comfort and technology in-cab, meant Derrick could accommodate his clients and drivers equally.


Derrick also requested Kelsa Lightbars top and bottom, roof beacons & spotlights, plus a full chassis/cab respray, all arranged upon collection via Carl Boase, our National Sales Executive here at Middlewich.

Efficient, economical, and comfortable. Three valuable traits for any haulage business and particularly important for L. Hunt & Sons who aim to maintain an up-to-date, sophisticated fleet, offering reliability and quality.

A fantastic result all round for the Thomas Hardie group and L. Hunt & Sons who’ll continue to provide a vital service for it’s current and future clients for many years to come.

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