Thomas Hardie’s Volvo FH4 demo truck exceeds expectations

Thomas Hardie’s Volvo FH4 demo truck exceeds expectations

In the summer of 2017, Thomas Hardie Used Trucks launched our Demo Trucks campaign, giving customers the chance to experience the version 4 Volvo FH trucks first-hand.

We know not everyone has a version 4 Volvo FH in their fleet, but with our campaign, you can drive one for yourself and decide if it’s time to make the New Shape FH your next addition.

Demo Trucks lets you drive the FH4 as part of your own actual day-to-day transportation jobs, so you get a realistic experience and can measure how it stacks up on issues like miles per gallon.

How does Demo Trucks work?

We’re happy to loan out our Volvo demo truck for 1-2 weeks to customers in the north-west of England and in North Wales, and as it’s fitted with Volvo Dynafleet telematics, we can even provide feedback on the driving style and how you could make your journeys more efficient.

Already we have seen our demo truck get a great response from customers, with MPG equal to or better than customers’ existing fleets in most cases – from about 7 mpg up to 12 mpg on some journeys.

The Volvo FH4 Demo 500 Bhp Globetrotter has had zero unscheduled downtime, with just scheduled services and maintenance since the summer despite regular and demanding use by the customers who have trialled it.

Trucking in comfort

Reliability and performance are not the only areas where our specially equipped FH4 has exceeded expectations, as it scores well on driver comfort too.

We started with a luxury spec Volvo FH4 500 Bhp Globetrotter – a high-spec model but still not the most luxurious trim available from Volvo Trucks – although we made the extra investment to fit an under-bunk fridge, which we’re sure came in useful for those trialling the truck in the summer months!

Since it first went out in June, the truck has been test driven by 11 companies, and by November was still in high demand, with its latest recipient placing an order for one of the FH4’s sister vehicles.

In fact five of the 11 companies to demo the truck went on to place an order for vehicles from Thomas Hardie Used Trucks, and in some cases ordered multiple trucks, a sure sign of the high-quality driving experience offered by the FH4.

Try before you buy

Even if you don’t plan to buy a Volvo FH4, we would still welcome you to try our Demo Trucks campaign – as it gives you an insight into how we present all of our vehicles and why Thomas Hardie Used Trucks are so trusted by our customers.

Our used vehicles sales executive, Ronnie Kelsall, a familiar face to many of you, said: “In my personal opinion, the vehicle has been a great asset and has given customers a chance to ‘try before you buy’, so to speak.”

As always, our trucks are at the core of an offer that includes tailored future maintenance and market-leading warranties, all of which we are uniquely able to provide as the largest independent dealer in the region.

Find out more about our Volvo Used Trucks by contacting Thomas Hardie Used Trucks today with any questions. You can reach Ronnie directly at or by calling 01606 830 100.

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