TruckFest Northwest, The Birth Place of Obsidian.

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Thomas Hardie Commercials played host to an impressive line-up of both new and used Volvo trucks, at this year’s Truck Fest North West event, which took place over the weekend.

With an impressive turn out and a little help from some unexpected September sunshine, the show and turnout certainly didn’t disappoint.

From monster-truck madness, courtesy of Swamp Thing, to the unbelievable talents of Broke FMX professional motor-cross stunt bike team. The action-packed weekend had something for everyone, including, of course, a fantastic selection of trucks of multiple variants.

Thomas Hardie Used Trucks had planned this year’s event for some time, and were excited to unveil a prototype that would be a first for the Used Vehicle Sales Team. With this in mind, Obsidian was born.

Obsidian – a Euro 6, Volvo FH V4, 460bhp was selected to undergo this spectacular transformation. From the traditional Volvo Winter White to the more imposing Conger Black.

The colour was a decision not taken lightly. It was put to the Used Vehicle Sales Team to make the final selection on the desired pallet, with rebel blue and gun-metal grey just falling short.

Thomas Hardie Vehicle Solutions, based in Chorley, were responsible for Obsidians fresh colour scheme. Panels and parts of the truck were removed and painted independently from the cab to achieve a professional finish and to ensure this one-of-a-kind truck would represent the company fantastically.

Fitted with colour coded side skirts, dirt deflectors, and bib spoilers, Obsidian was built to showcase the exceptional talents of the Used Vehicle Sales and PDI team.

Attention to detail, ambition, and professionalism are talents the Thomas Hardie Used Truck team prides themselves on and continuously aims to improve on and perfect.

The identity of Obsidian was concealed until the first day of the weekend, to entice curiosity and intrigue, with only a select few knowing the true design.

Decals, provided by Kevin Robins of Ginger Graphics were added, which included the title of the bespoke truck, that were tastefully run along the side-skirts and doors and coupled with a custom headboard design.

The name Obsidian was gifted to this truck courtesy of Kevin Robins, who believed Obsidian, a piece of solidified lava, would best suit the colour and inspiration of the truck.

Ginger Graphics provided an excellent service and aided Thomas Hardie Used Trucks throughout the process, providing exceptional service levels, which is why we entrusted him with this special project.

Finally, our PDI team ensured that our trucks would be some of the cleanest and well-presented vehicles on show. Machine polishing and valeting beforehand contributed to a magnificent array of pristine vehicles, which didn’t go unnoticed. Yet further evidence of our team’s hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.

Thomas Hardie Used Vehicle Sales places a monumental amount of effort into vehicle preparation, and we pride ourselves on being one of the few companies to invest so much time and manpower into our truck presentation, but it is also what sets us apart from our opponents.

Truckfest Northwest was a huge success. It provided an excellent opportunity for visitors to meet with staff from across the Thomas Hardie Group, and provided a platform for the Used Truck Sales Team unveil the result of their combined efforts.  Relations were further strengthened as a result and Thomas Hardie, once again, displayed professionalism and an eagerness to impress and develop its processes even further.

The event will go down in Thomas Hardie Used Vehicle Sales history for being the
birth-place of Obsidian, and a brilliant platform for future endeavours.

Here’s to TruckFest2020!


Kev Robins (Ginger Graphics):

Swamp Thing monster-truck team:

BrokeFMX stunt motor-cross team:

Thomas Hardie Vehicle Solutions:

By Marcus Harley
(Thomas Hardie Used Vehicle Sales Support)


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