Volvo FH Shopper Service

Volvo FH Shopper Service

Looking to expand your fleet? We may just have the Volvo FH you’re looking for…

It will come as no surprise to many of you that we love Volvo FH trucks. Their defining Forward-control High-entry cabs create an excellent driving position, a roomy interior and enough sleeper space to make them a home from home on long-distance overnight jobs, or even just for daytime trucking.

The Volvo FH4 is the current first-choice in the range, and we have some great examples of this model at any given time.

Head on over to our Used Trucks For Sale page to see our current stock, and a quick summary of each truck’s main details such as model, year, axle config and bhp – a kind of Volvo Trucks Top Trumps so you can compare them in an instant, all backed up with photos of each truck.

Volvo FH shopper service

Looking for a personal shopper service to help you find your next Volvo FH truck? We offer that too, and can source the very best examples of Volvo Trucks that meet or closely match as many of your search criteria as possible.

This is not just a search of our existing stock – it’s a genuine sourcing service, where you tell us the unit type and other details of what you need, and we will get back to you as soon as we can with our pick of the best options currently on the market.

Just visit our Vehicle Sourcing page and fill in as many of the details as you can, or just those that matter to you, and we will do the rest.

For Volvo FH sourcing enquiries and any general questions and queries about our stock and how Thomas Hardie Used Trucks can help you find your next Volvo FH, you can also call us on 01606 369 721 and a member of our sales team will be happy to help.

Bag a bargain with older Volvo Trucks

We don’t just stock Volvo FH trucks under five years old – we also have other Volvo Truck models with a few more miles on the clock, and these can lead to some excellent bargains that still offer comfort and reliability.

Our Trucks Under £15,000 is perfect to find our pick of these, which typically start from around five years old.

As before, there’s a summary of each truck to help you narrow down your search, and you can always click through to the full details of any example to find out more about it and how to make an enquiry.

If you still can’t see what you were hoping to find, again just give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise on what we think is your best option in the current market for used Volvo Trucks, any new stock, or whether we might be able to source a vehicle to match your needs in good time.

Call us on 01606 369 721 or fill in our online Contact form (or our Vehicle Sourcing form for specific vehicle enquiries) and we will do everything we can to help with your query and find you the Volvo Truck you need.


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