Zip World Experience

Zip World Experience

The Middlewich team embarked upon an action-packed day out at Zip World in Bethesda, Wales. The mission, to push the team to new heights and enable them to better face their fears.

The day began with a morning introduction which included a welcome message and safety briefing from the organisers, followed by a short discussion regarding how to best overcome personal challenges. This was followed up by an introduction from our Managing Director, Jim Murray along with Volvo UK Used Truck Sales Director Phil Wilkes.

Pleasantries complete, it was time for a spot of go-karting, an activity relatively new to Zip World. With speeds exceeding 40mph down a 3km track, the team loaded up with safety equipment before being ushered onto an ATV bus to begin the fifteen-minute climb to the peak of Zip Worlds quarry, a colossal 500ft up.

Once scaled, a brief set of rules were provided before the gang could set about selecting their three-wheeled chariots. Safely strapped in, participants were encouraged down the track where chicanes and steep banks awaited. With no means of power besides gravity, it quickly became the fastest one-way ticket to the bottom of a quarry you’ll ever experience.

“it created an entirely new level of thrill. The views combined with the speed and rugged terrain took go-carting to a whole new level!”

The activity was enjoyed by the entire team, who confidently jumped back on the bus for round two.

Following a swift morning of karting, the team returned to the conference room for a well-deserved lunch, provided by Zip World.

Marc Tony Joyce works within Thomas Hardie’s parts department and also attended to provide an incredibly motivational speech regarding bravery and confidence. As a former member of the British Armed forces, Marc offered a realistic insight into fear and challenge.

(Marc has a blog describing his time and experiences with the British Army – )

Velocity 2, the fastest zip line in the world and the teams next challenge.

All members of the team committed to the activity, gearing up both mentally and physically. The group embarked on a practise run via a smaller, much slower version than it’s bigger and faster counterpart.

It wasn’t long before the team returned to the ATV’s, beginning the all too familiar fifteen minute climb back to the top.

Excitement and adrenaline overpowered the feelings of fear and anxiety as the group lined up. The magnificent views of the surrounding Welsh countryside kept thoughts of the impending plummet at bay. Once all pre-flight checks were complete, all that was left was a swift three second countdown then…Geronimo!

The initial drop from the starting station is most definitely the fastest, hitting speeds of over 60mph in less than ten seconds, facing forwards with a 500ft drop into the quarry’s striking blue water below. It was a once in a life-time experience that only by taking part, can you truly appreciate. Coming to an abrupt, but controlled halt at the finish line, the participants are lowered and released, itching for another run!

The day concluded with a final reflection on the experiences achieved, followed by a fantastic evening meal and drinks provided by The Quay Hotel and Spa in Deganwy.


The event aimed to instil confidence and to  break down some old methods of staff infrastructure. Valeter’s and labourer’s ate and laughed alongside managers and directors. The event brought together all sides of the company and brought home what modern business is all about.


Here’s to the next Thomas Hardie adventure!


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