March Prompts Natural Flow of Quality Used Trucks Returning From Contracts

March Prompts Natural Flow of Quality Used Trucks Returning From Contracts

March 1st is traditionally the time when new registrations hit the roads, but it also prompts a natural flow of quality used trucks returning from contracts which have come to an end. It’s always an exciting and busy time for us here at Thomas Hardie Used Trucks as these vehicles start to make their way back to us for resale.

This year provoked a bumper return following on from the success of our new vehicle sales teams in years prior. This means that we’re seeing a number of well maintained, high specification tractor units returning. To further compliment the sale of these trucks going forward, they will be supplied one of Volvo’s market leading warranties.

Our website has recently benefited from a complete redesign incorporating a host of new features, which includes an up to date and detailed stocklist search tool. in addition, our website also provides details of optional extras that can be added to your chosen vehicle(s) to further enhance its overall comfort, look and feel. Our most requested vehicle additions include; light bars, tipping equipment, coffee makers and bespoke leather interior. Whatever your request we’re sure to be able to accommodate, you can be assured that we can transform your vehicle into something even more spectacular.

We update our website on a regular basis to keep you informed of our stock availability. However, please note we are also pre-selling and taking orders on incoming stock daily, so if there is something more unique that you’re searching for, then please let our sales team know and we will endeavour to make the search a little easier for you.

As always, we post updates regularly on our various social media feeds, therefore please feel free to have a peruse at your leisure, this will offer an insight in to our processes and  also highlights our exceptional high standards of our work. Please give us a like, share and follow.

And finally, we will be sampling YouTube for the first time this month, this will enable customers to view our facility and the work of the entire team, first hand. Whilst we’re all slightly anxious at the prospect of such, we know that this will broaden our horizons so are excited about the prospect of branching out in to the world of video, ‘watch’ this space!

Our sales team can be contacted on 01606 830100, we look forward to speaking with you very soon.

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