Practicality Never Looked This Good

Practicality Never Looked This Good

Andrew Clarke of EasyWalk LTD knows exactly how he likes his Volvo’s. Practical, reliable and great looking. Andrew’s fleet turns heads, as well as profit.

‘It’s no good arriving at a job in an un-kept wagon. Your truck and it’s driver represent your company and both must be on top form and performing their best at all times’.

Andrews’s well-established haulage business specializes in heavy steel, working in and around the Northwest’s docks and ports.

A 500bhp, 12.8 litre, D13K engine was the desired set up and the Volvo FH4 makes light work of complex loads.

‘Volvo’s might not be the cheapest, but you know on a cold, dark winter morning, they’ll fire up and get the work done. We are also looking into obtaining a 750bhp Volvo in the near future and beginning ADR work with tankers, hazardous goods, etc. Another string to the EasyWalk bow’.



Ezywlk 2 - Thomas Hardie‘We decided to go with Kelsa’s aluminium bars not just for looks, but also because of weight. When moving the kind of loads we deal with, every kilogram counts. Even down to the aluminium alloy wheels. They look fantastic, but also shave a ton of weight. We’ve experienced issues with other manufactures like Scania in the past when it comes to gross vehicle weight and getting the balance just right’. 

A low-slung Kelsa bib-bar with added spotlights is essential for traversing difficult, poorly-lit areas. ‘The lower lights are perfect for spotting hidden obstructions while working at night on the docks’.

‘The beacons on the front help with wide loads and the floodlights aid us in remote locations where visibility is poor, it’s useful to be seen before it’s too late! We also fitted chrome air-horns because…who doesn’t love air horns?’

Also packing some serious tech, the driver won’t miss a thing due to a full camera system. ‘we want our drivers to be confident on the job and to be equipped with a good understanding of what’s going on around them at all times. Useful during complex manoeuvres’.
Ezywlk 3 - Thomas HardieA Road Runner truck tracking system has also been included to mainly support customers. ‘The tracking system helps our customers keep up-to-date with what’s going on with their orders and where we are up to’.

This immense project wouldn’t have been possible without the support and guidance provided by multiple teams across the Thomas Hardie Group.

Kevin Robins of Ginger Graphics worked alongside Andrew in designing the appearance.
‘Ronnie Kelsall put me in touch with Kevin and he’s been nothing short of perfect. I took a lot of inspiration from my Dad’s previous designs. I aimed for a striking, yet contemporary/classic look and Kevin delivered’.

Thomas Hardie Vehicle Solutions based in Chorley carried out the majority of alterations for Andrew. This elite team of professionals are experts in conversions, resprays, bodywork repairs, fabrication and so much more. A vital asset within the Thomas Hardie group.

Ezywlk 4 - Thomas Hardie‘I can’t fault the team at Chorley. Nothing was too much to ask and I was kept up-to-date constantly. Joanne Baldwin (Service Support Administrator at Chorley) is an absolute credit to the team. Always on the ball and unbelievably professional’.

Another key player in this journey was Ronnie Kelsall, our award-winning regional salesmen here at Middlewich. With a broad history of successful ventures, Ronnie is an expert in his field. Ronnie’s no-nonsense, straight-talking approach mean his customers receive the best support and guidance possible in choosing the right truck for them.

‘Ronnie’s support throughout is next level. He knows the score and only want’s what’s best for his customers. The sale isn’t forced and Ron will always suggest what’s right for the customer, rather than what’s best for him. I will only ever buy trucks from Thomas Hardie’s. The aftercare you receive is indispensable. You know if something does go wrong, Hardie’s will support you throughout. You can’t put a price on quality like that’.

A huge thank you to Andrew and EasyWalk LTD for appointing Thomas Hardie Used Trucks as their Volvo truck supplier and we look forward to many more engagements in the future.

Ezywlk 5 - Thomas Hardie

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