Volvo FH4 trucks help your drivers be the best

Volvo FH4 trucks help your drivers be the best

As Volvo Trucks launch their Driver Challenge 2018 on the hunt for the world’s best driver of a Volvo truck, let’s take a look at some of the technologies built into the Volvo FH4 that allow drivers to be the best.

Volvo Trucks say: “It’s all about the driver. And the important role drivers play when it comes to safety, fuel efficiency and productivity. Yes, when it comes to overall success, the driver makes the difference.”

After years of working with some of the best drivers in Britain, we can vouch for that too, but of course your choice of truck helps too, and the Volvo FH4 has plenty of added extras that help you to achieve the very best performance across fuel efficiency, productivity and road safety too.

Enhanced productivity with Dynamic Steering

No more cumbersome steering wheels, as Dynamic Steering on Volvo FH4 trucks helps you to drive in an arrow-straight line at higher speeds and to steer with just one finger at slower speeds.

It’s a game-changing technology that goes far beyond the kind of power steering you may have seen in the past, or which you might have on an ordinary passenger car.

This all adds up to smoother turns and more direct straights, making used Volvo FH4 trucks reliable on ride comfort, and maximising productivity by smoothing out minor aberrations in steering manoeuvres.

Improved fuel efficiency with I-Shift

I-Shift is one of the technologies that help used Volvo FH4 trucks to continue to deliver competitive fuel efficiency, with a Dual Clutch gearbox to ensure no power is lost during gear changes.

You can use I-Shift’s manual selector to take direct control over the gearbox, or install add-ons to the onboard computer to tailor the automatic elements of the technology for specific jobs.

Again, this is one of the innovations that support the driver to be the best they can be – allowing improved fuel efficiency by up to 30% compared with a less skilful driver.

Better safety and visibility

Dynamic Steering has benefits for road safety, but the Volvo FH4 has plenty of other features that help too, such as reversing cameras, high-visibility mirrors and intelligent headlights that track upcoming corners.

All of this helps to make sure drivers not only get the best from their vehicle, but also makes used Volvo FH4 trucks competitive on road safety, for the benefit of all road users.

With the Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge 2018 now underway, the coming months will see over 12,000 Volvo Trucks drivers from 44 different countries go head to head to prove their worth on safety, productivity, fuel efficiency and general driver skill.

The contest comes to a head on September 13th-14th in Gothenburg, Sweden, where finalists will convene to battle for the overall title, to be presented at an awards ceremony on the final day.

But for many thousands of drivers worldwide, a Volvo FH4 truck is a constant companion, not just to win awards, but to keep them safe, comfortable and productive out on the roads day in, day out.

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