Together, We’ve Achieved Volvo Used Truck Dealer of the Year 2023.

Winning awards for doing what you love, can it get any better? Well, that is apparently the case for our used truck team, who earlier in November was awarded the prestigious Volvo Used Truck Dealer of the Year 2023 award.

Securing this accolade during possibly the most competitive used truck market to date is no easy feat, and the used truck team understands this more than most. The levels of talent that exist within the truck market should never be underestimated and this result tells us that all corners of our used truck team have exceeded expectations and together, have brought quality, honesty, and above all, trust to our ever-faithful customer base.

But, without this collection of superhero-grade employees going above and beyond day in, day out, results like these wouldn’t be possible. From our technicians repairing and maintaining our stock to the valeters ensuring all of our vehicles come with that new-truck smell and feel. As individuals, we’re nothing, but as a collective, we’re unstoppable.

A momentous thank you to our customers, who rely on us to maintain their fleets and businesses with quality used trucks. This responsibility is held in the utmost regard and our mindset will never waver.

Also, again, a heartfelt thank you to our employees, the wider Thomas Hardie Group, and the Volvo Network for their continuous support providing us with such a stalwart foundation for us to work from.

We’ve made a video that further highlights our gratitude for everyone involved, which you can watch via our YouTube channel here 

Till next time,

Thank you,

Thomas Hardie Used Truck Team.

Chris Hayter’s Doubles Down on Twin FH4’s.

Despite the skies turning a little dreary, CHRIS HAYTER TRANSPORT LTD‘s latest double-additions to their fleet look fantastic, whatever the weather.

Collected yesterday and supplied by Regional Sales Executive, Ronnie Kelsall, these pair included a 2-year Volvo Driveline-Pro warranty and feature Hayter Transport’s iconic livery.

Joint Managing Director, Andy Holligan, commented, ‘Working with Ronnie is always a pleasure. He’s very accommodating and maintains a professional attitude throughout. The quality of trucks we receive is always second to none’.

A huge thank you to Chris Hayter Transport for their continued custom and we look forward to our next venture 💪

Team UVS Contribute Towards RTC Training

Used Vehicle Sales Manager, Jonathan Bownes, and Cheshire Fire and Rescue instructor, Paul Cowin, recently joined forces to further highlight the importance of HGV RTCs.

HGV RTCs (Road Traffic Collisions) can have unbelievably devastating effects on everyone. From the people caught up in the accident to bystanders that rush to help. Nobody wants to be involved, but it is essential that the professionals who specialize in this field are ready and fully understand what can be expected, this was the goal for both Paul and Jonathan.

Jonathan brought along a 2019, 500bhp, 6×2, Volvo FH tractor unit to Winsford Fire Station, giving the training crew a full, hands-on experience with a relatively new HGV. This specific station features a special ‘Major Rescue Unit’ that attends HGV RTCs and other major incidents involving the public. Following a brief introduction from both Paul and Jon, plus a few quick-fire questions from the trainees, the crew was given the opportunity to look around, ask questions and discuss all aspects of the truck. Many opted to climb aboard and at one point, the cabin housed four crew members! Questions ranged from battery isolation points, door jams, cutting locations, windscreen access, trailer connections, axle pressure, and more.

For many, this was the first time they’d had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a modern HGV with Paul commenting; “being able to compare a newer truck to the older style we have to practice extrication, was a major positive of the course” The cab was eventually tilted over allowing the crew further access to the engine and more regions of the vehicle to explore, not before reminding everyone not to leave anything heavy on the bunk!

The afternoon concluded with the crew test-fitting the latest airbag restraint technology on a modern steering wheel and we are glad to hear positive feedback all-round.

The day was very well received with the majority of trainees learning something new and taking with them fresh knowledge that we hope will go on to benefit the station in the future.

We’d like to thank Paul of Cheshire Fire & Rescue for inviting us along and allowing us the chance to further support and contribute towards the HGV RTC effort!

Below are some photos taken of the day 👇


2 - Thomas Hardie


5 - Thomas Hardie

6 - Thomas Hardie

7 - Thomas Hardie

8 - Thomas Hardie

9 - Thomas Hardie

10 - Thomas Hardie


To Convert or Not to Convert, That is the Equestrian!

New Zealand Horsebox conversion experts European Horse Trucks have once again worked their magic on a 420bhp, GT, ex curtain-sider.

Recently appointed Regional Sales Executive, Adam Foy, provided the FH back in October 2021, removing the original body beforehand.

The actual conversion process happens right here in the UK, thanks to a few hand-picked, highly skilled coach builders. This is due to long waiting lists which can reach over three years! in New Zealand. Another reason why the UK is a great place to carry out conversions is the number of quality chassis units available.

The horsebox in question is a fifteen-ton unit with a four-horse capacity and can accommodate up to six people. It features two hydraulically-powered slideout areas to help provide more room for the living room and shower area. With the latest owner being over six feet tall, it was important for the cabin to be comfortable and accommodating, hence the interior being specifically designed to allow for extra headroom. The day bed was also replaced with two extra seats, allowing the owner’s family to travel in style!

14 - Thomas HardieThis particular conversion isn’t holding back on creature comforts either, with air conditioning, outdoor speakers and a 32″ smart TV helping this FH feel more like a home from home. A full bathroom plus an onboard generator means this family can set up and relax without the need for electronic hook-ups or on-site facilities, perfect for those middle-of-the-field expeditions!

A luxurious, adventure-ready unit with enough gadgets and comfort fit for any horse riding enthusiast, we aren’t expecting any long faces whilst aboard, but hopefully, this truck won’t be around furlong enough to notice!

That’s it, no more puns this month…


Check out the conversion below!


Before - Thomas Hardie

15 - Thomas Hardie

11 - Thomas Hardie

13 - Thomas Hardie


Economy Sales Executive Levels up.

Economy Sales Executive Adam Foy has historically served as Thomas Hardie Used Truck’s overseas sales expert. Exporting numerous used wagons to far corners of the globe, Adam has continuously provided strong results in a previously untapped market for Thomas Hardie Commercials.

With his roots sunk deeply within the Used Truck team, Adam originally began his time at TH as a PDI Valeter, eventually graduating to Valeter Supervisor and then Economy & Export Executive.

Now, with eyes on the Northwest, Adam now works closely alongside current Regional Sales Executive Ronnie Kelsall. A seasoned professional with over five years of invaluable experience under his belt working within regional sales. Together, the duo now represent the Thomas Hardie Used Truck within the Northwest. A huge leap for Adam and a massive step forward for the UVS depot.

Congratulations to Adam on his recent success, let’s hope the future is as vibrant as the past!

SWT’s DAF Update

SWT (South Wales Truck and Trailer Repairs) has been trading for around four years and began life as a dedicated HGV diagnostics and repairs workshop manned by three fully qualified technicians. Two years in, Tony, director at SWT, decided to expand the business, moving into the haulage sector. Tony’s father also ran a successful haulage firm for over twenty-five years, giving Tony the confidence and knowledge he needed to get the ball rolling with his latest venture. Now running three wagons, SWT is a well-established, versatile business that contributes as well as supports the haulage effort.

It’s worth mentioning that Tony has worked alongside Thomas Hardie Used Trucks for roughly ten years, collecting sold wagons for PM Reace & Sons, so Tony already knew where he would be going to populate his fleet when the time was right!

This latest DAF addition has received a complete strip-down and respray, accompanied by SWT’s unique livery.



Thomas Hardie Commercials Expands It’s Reach

The previously held Volvo Group Lancaster dealership has exchanged hands and has now become Thomas Hardies 6th franchise location due to increased customer demand. With fantastic access routes to our Preston depot, plus great opportunities’ to expand the business further North, the move will provide more customers with easier location access and the ability to utilise our brand more than ever.



You might be wondering, but how does this benefit used trucks? Ronnie Kelsall, our Regional Sales Executive, will be supplying the Lancaster depot with a small offering of our own stock, allowing local customers the ability to view, test-drive and buy, without making the trip to our Middlewich depot.

With an already fully fledged Volvo parts and workshop department on site, this move offers more customers easier access to all aspects of the Thomas Hardie group and will serve as a fantastic base for further expansion.

Ronnie Kelsall is a well regarded and trusted member of our used truck sales team, who’s continued dedication and passion offers an un-rivalled truck buying experience. Ronnie, who’ll remain located at our Middlewich depot, will be available via phone and email to deal with all Lancaster enquiries.

A positive step for the Thomas Hardie Group and a huge leap for our used truck team.



EasyWalk Showcase it’s Latest Line Up of Volvo’s

EasyWalk LTD rounded up it’s recent additions to the fleet for a photoshoot earlier this month. Director Andrew Clarke purchased all three Volvo’s over the course of this year via the aid of multiple teams within the Thomas Hardie group and beyond. A huge team effort resulted in what can only be described as a ‘show stopping’ line up.

For the full story click here 👉Practicality Never Looked This Good – Thomas Hardie (




EasyWalk Fleet


Ew2 - Thomas Hardie

Ew3 - Thomas Hardie

Ew4 - Thomas Hardie

Ew5 - Thomas Hardie

Ew6 - Thomas Hardie

Ew7 - Thomas Hardie

Ew8 - Thomas Hardie

Ew9 - Thomas Hardie

Ew10 - Thomas Hardie

Ew11 - Thomas Hardie

Groupage Hauler Turns Heads During Drop Off’s

🔸 As we celebrate 25 years of successful business, we pride ourselves in boasting a long heritage of customers from all corners of the UK and Ireland. Advancements in technology, smartphones and the ease of the internet all help to bridge the gap between businesses, worlds and export.

Approaching us via social media, Jolene is proud to showcase her company, time and achievements.


Irish based Groupage specialist Donegal Groupage pulled out all the stops when customizing their recent Volvo 540BHP V4, adding to their ever-expanding business.

Based in Donegal, Jolene Mc Bride provides groupage services all across Ireland and to the surrounding area’s. 

👉 Groupage or LTT (Less Than Truck Load) is an excellent alternative to conventional haulage if the amount of product needed doesn’t fill a specific trailer or container. 

As with most new purchases, Jolene wasn’t about to release this particular Volvo onto the Irish roads without first fashioning it into something a little easier on the eye. 

Adding the companies decals and title, alongside subtle paint changes helps to keep this unit fresh, plus incorporating the business’s branding. A dazzling array of light bars, beacons, and air-horns add a presence to the road and particularly useful during night runs. 

Image00003 - Thomas Hardie


The original chrome catwalk made way for a colour-coded step plate that stretched the length of the chassis, concealing unsightly wires, piping, and prop-shaft. Side skirts, colour-coded wing tops and checker plate introduced a little colour to the rear of the cab and chassis, whilst an upgraded A-frame replaces the regular painted unit.



💬 ‘The air-brush on the back of this truck is of my father who started up this business back in 1995 and who I took over in 2013. He still plays a very big part and puts in a lot of hard work. I wanted to get this done as a surprise to let him know how much he is appreciated within the business’  


Image00005 - Thomas HardieDonegal Groupage worked alongside our used truck sales team and in particular Carl Boase, our National Used Truck Sales Specialist.

💬 ‘We chose this V4 as we wanted to add to our existing fleet and we never have any problems, so we were more than happy to purchase another one of this type’.

Carl Boase boasts a lengthy and decorated career within truck sales and aims to provide the right Volvo for any job, first time round. A highly regarded professional who has seen many customers return throughout the years due to his commitment to seeing a job through to the end. 

💬 ‘Our experience with the Thomas Hardie used truck sales team was second to none and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. We dealt with Carl from start to finish and he was very helpful’.

It’s fantastic to see and hear the stories and work put into used trucks once they’ve left our gates and proves that our Volvo’s are the perfect canvas for anyone who prefers a more bespoke workhorse.

Thanks to Jolene Mc Bride for sending us these images and for giving us a little insight into the history of her business.






Before (2) - Thomas Hardie

Milk Hauler K.Hamilton Secures Their Second Volvo.

Another fantastic result for the Used Vehicle’s Sales team as a 4×2 FH receives that all too familiar custom treatment, something we’ve all come to know and love.

A helpful tip-off from a fellow Thomas Hardie customer resulted in K.Hamilton Haulage purchasing this awesome FH. An essential tool during the early days of Kieran’s newest milk haulage business. 

Adding to an existing vehicle within the fleet, this Volvo received a fresh paint job, lightbars, dirt deflectors, air horns, plus a full alloy wheel upgrade to complete the look. 

Also boasting cruise control, cornering lights, lane-keep support, collision warning systems, plus a 33ltr under-bunk fridge/freezer. A strong arsenal of instruments and a clear indicator as to why this Volvo was so irresistible.  

‘The Used Vehicle team spared no effort in guaranteeing my newest truck was ready and prepared to a professional standard.’

‘Seeing it’s sister truck and what’s achievable with these Volvo’s meant I couldn’t resist getting my hands on one.’

Congratulations to Kieran on his newest purchase and we hope to work alongside K.Hamilton again soon. 




Before - Thomas Hardie