Thomas Hardie Used Truck Round-Up 2021

Despite Covid lockdowns and bitter conditions, the used truck team have remained positive throughout. Imposing FMX’s, stylish 460’s and cutting edge customizations. 2021 has already provided it’s fair share of memorable moments.



Tom - Thomas HardieAs positive as sales have been, we also received the heart-braking news of Sir Captain Tom Moor’s passing earlier this year. A true British icon. Tom epitomized what it meant to be British and displayed true grit and determination during these challenging times. Rest in peace Sir Captain Tom Moor, your efforts will not be forgotten.







4 - Thomas Hardie

Yellow and Black Bombshell Bests the Rest

January began with the unveiling of our yellow FH460. A Volvo which received a wealth of extra’s in an attempt to rejuvenate a relatively un-touched unit. Gloss black cab trim followed by black hubs and the highly recognized ‘Performance Edition’ flag produced a truly one-off piece. The customization didn’t end there, with the interior receiving a complete re-trim of the seating and bunk. Taking on the colours of the exterior cab plus an added diamond vinyl stitching design.

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Img 20201215 091600 - Thomas Hardie

4×2 FH Goes Under the Knife

The elusive 4×2 FH4 isn’t a set-up that frequents our yard often, with the more commonly recognized 6-wheeler variant dominating our sales pitch throughout the year. So it was refreshing to see not one, but five 4×2’s roll through the gates towards the end of 2020. All sitting at respectable km’s and in fantastic condition, we knew, with a little finesse, these units could become something special.

Look ahead a couple of months and you now find Ronne Kelsall working with his latest and greatest venture. Featuring adaptive cruise, Drowsy Driver warning, lane & collision assist and tail lift prep, this highly spec’d FH also went through a complete appearance overhaul. Beginning with our Prestige Plus package. All un-pained cab panels were sprayed to match the factory Beige White pallet. Alloys followed, replacing the standard painted steel variant. A sleek, custom side-skirt set up was fitted courtesy of our Vehicle Solutions team based in Chorley to help conceal the more unsightly area’s of the Volvo’s chassis. Completing the look, a brand-spanking new set of spotlights and airhorns joined an LED infused lightbar up top. Combined, these modifications produced a stunning FH that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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Img 0298 - Thomas Hardie

Fortune Favor’s the FMX

It doesn’t get much tougher than the FMX. Built to withstand the most difficult of situations. If demanding work is your endeavor, the mighty FMX is the only tool you’ll be needing.

January welcomed the arrival of UVS’s latest and greatest 8×4 tipper. Equipped with industry-leading technology and flaunting a fresh paint job, this steel-bodied bruiser ticked all the boxes.

The FMX thrives during challenging conditions. Whether there’s a road or not, impressive ground clearance and a driven (ATC) front axle means you can work with confidence.








Tyflop - Thomas Hardie

1000 Followers Flood Facebook

It’s difficult to ignore the power of social media. From it’s humble beginnings sharing video’s of cats, to entire corporations conducting business from the comfort of the kitchen table. Social media has revolutionized how we buy, sell and advertise pretty much anything. It’s no secret that if your business isn’t active online, there’s a chance you’ll be missing out on that vital customer interaction people are becoming more used to seeing.

Hitting 1000 likes and followers on January 16th 2021 was a monumental milestone for our used truck department. But It’s not always about what we have for sale, our customers have an impressive eye for detail and know exactly how they like their Volvo’s to look, feel and perform. Our social media platforms are a great place to see some of the fantastic examples that leave our gates.









Hunterpac - Thomas HardieA Sea of Red

A selection of ex Hunterpac’s arrived during the tail end of January turning the yard a beautiful shade of red.

These well maintained FH’s include tipping gear, lane/collision assist and a 33ltr under-bunk fridge-freezer. All covered by Volvo’s Approved 12 months warranty, as of today, only one of the original seven is still available!











7 - Thomas HardieSame Truck, Different Style.

We often talk about how much we love customizing our stock. We also understand how important a blank canvas is for our customers. Having a Nardo Grey 540 Tag with all the bells and whistles is just as important as a stock white FH 460.

Arriving the beginning of 2021, a batch of ex DHL Tradeteam’s loaded our website with black 460 FH4’s. Equipped with alloys, proximity sensors and painted in Volvo Conger Black, these FH’s already looked the part and were a refreshing alternative.

With such a fantastic base to work with, four of the original eleven were selected to receive our ‘Prestige Plus’ package. This consists of a full cab respray, painted front grilles and steps, chrome step surrounds, colour-coded bib spoiler and dirt deflectors.

Overall, a fantastic transformation that boosts road presence whilst out hauling.






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Thomas Hardie Used Truck Round-Up

The first of many UVS Round-ups start here. Discover Donegal Haulage and their fantastic 540BHP FH transformation. K.Hamiltons progress regarding a Volvo purchased earlier this year. VolvoTrucksUK pay Middlewich a visit, bringing with them the new wave of Volvo trucks. Plus we talk Covid…unfortunately.


Image00001 - Thomas Hardie

Donegal Groupage

Kicking things off is Jolene Mc Bride and her FH540. Receiving a complete overhaul throughout this year, this family orientated Volvo pays homage to the founding father of Donegal Haulage, who since stepping down back in 1995, has left his impression courtesy of a fantastic airbrush piece on the rear of the cab. Still working alongside Jolene who took over in 2013, the artwork is dedicated to her father who still puts the hours in to this day. The customisation doesn’t end there. Colour-coded side skirts, wing tops, light bars, upgraded A-frame and catwalks are just small selection of extras this Volvo received.

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2 - Thomas Hardie

Blues Brothers

This bold FH500 arrived in Middlewich alongside two others of similar spec. Receiving a little extra treatment before sale, dirt deflectors, chrome front steps, silver front grille and a lower bib spoiler were fitted to improve road presence and to offer our customers something a little different from the norm. As a result, these subtle alterations combined with the fantastic Blue Eye Pearl colour came together to produce a fantastic looking truck that will definitely look the part whilst out working. These ‘blues brothers’ also received tipping gear equipment courtesy of Thomas Hardie Vehicle Solutions based in Chorley for certain buyers, assuring customers these units were fit for purpose come collection day.




K.hamilton - Thomas Hardie

K.Hamiliton Haulage

Milk haulage specialist K.Hamilton Haulage kindly updated us on the current state of affairs regarding his stunning 4×2 FHV4 that’s been under the knife this year, producing an impressive truck that sits worlds apart from it’s ‘For Sale’ days back on the forecourt.  Fresh alloys, full paint job, dazzling lightbars and striking decals help this Volvo pop and is most definitely a looker!

The power of referrals should never be underestimated as Kieron proved. Visiting via a tip-off from a fellow used Volvo owner. Porter Haulage purchased their Volvo earlier in the year and informed Kieron that the Middlewich sales team were the right people for him.

‘The Used Vehicle team spared no effort in guaranteeing my newest truck was ready and prepared to a professional standard.’

‘Seeing it’s sister truck and what’s achievable with these Volvo’s meant I couldn’t resist getting my hands on one.’

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Img 20201012 145253 - Thomas HardieVolvoTrucksUk Middlewich Visit

VolvoTrucksUk’s tour displaying the future of the Volvo FH, FM and FMX rolled into Middlewich back in October, giving staff and local customers a great opportunity to get to grips with what Volvo are bringing to the table.

Various local customers visited the Middlewich site, receiving insightful tours courtesy of Volvo representatives and New Vehicle salesmen, in an effort to showcase what’s on offer, plus the numerous additions and tech upgrades the whole Volvo range has incorporated.

Futuristic headlights were a big talking point, plus various grille options now available certainly divided opinion. But on the whole, visitors, salesmen and even technicians all agreed that these trucks would raise the bar throughout the truck world and will ultimately revolutionize the haulage game.

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Ezywlk 5 - Thomas Hardie

EasyWalk LTD

Andrew Clarke of EasyWalk absolutely stole the show with the recent purchase of not one but three magnificent Volvo’s. Two 540bhp Tag axles alongside an equally capable 500bhp FH V4, all equipped with the latest and greatest equipment and software to keep EasyWalk LTD ahead of the rest. With a keen eye for detail, Andrew spared no expense crafting a set of trucks that would suit him and his businesses needs. Ronnie Kelsall our Regional Sales expert guided Andrew throughout and offered his usual level of enthusiasm and commitment. A very proud result for both.

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Img 3695 - Thomas Hardie

L.Hunt & Sons

L . Hunt & Sons certainly flexed their creative muscles back in September. Taking one of our beefy 540bhp V4’s and producing what can only be described as a work of trucking art! Opting for the D13K540 unit equipped with a range of extras  was exactly what Derrick needed for his particular ‘Huntusual’ jobs. A specialist operation involving the movement of more extraordinary products… Our National Used Truck Sales Specialist Carl Boase support Derrick throughout and offered any guidance and assistants needed to make sure L. Hunt & Sons received the right Volvo for them.

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Covid - Thomas Hardie


It wouldn’t be right of us to summarise the last few months without mentioning the biggest household name, Covid-19. This take-no-prisoners virus swept across the UK and afar devastating lives and businesses. Thomas Hardie Used Trucks wasn’t immune, with necessary precautions being taken and elevated safety measure’s put in place to protect our staff and visitors. Although a number of customers don’t feel the need to view our trucks before purchase which is a testament in itself, we understood that people needed to see, hear and feel a potential investment before committing financially. Thankfully, our website maintained course, giving customers a superior insight into what’s for sale and in greater detail thanks to powerful virtual tours, video calls, informative descriptions and image’s. We wanted to reduce customer interaction but still provide the country with the necessary tools to keep on trucking! We will continue to support all our customers throughout this pandemic and strive to provide the country and beyond with the usual levels of professionalism and commitment.



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